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Pedestal with ornament and plant pot in glass and sofa with throw and cushions

MY SPACE: Decor that lets harmony rule


With three new trends, JYSK continues the development of our assortment in the spring and summer of 2020.

The three news trends are called MY SPACE, MIDSUMMER and INSTA EMOTIONS . Out of the three, the MY SPACE trend is about finding time for yourself and putting yourself in focus. This trend embraces the joy of being human and appreciating the small moments in life. Light some tea lights and enjoy how the ELVIN tealight holder and the SIVERT vase match and complement each other.


Houseware decorations

Create little sceneries that pleases the eye when you pass by. The pedestal PELLE is ideal for displaying your favourite knick-knacks.

The increasing focus on sustainability is also reflected in MY SPACE. This trend is also about decluttering our homes and clearing up space to breathe. Key to this is practical storage solutions. An easy way to organize your belongings is to keep them on shelves and in sweet baskets like MALTE.

Bookcase with baskets and books

When harmony rules in your surroundings, it is easier to achieve an inner sense of calmness. The AKITA storage bucket is both neat and practical. It has a lid so no dust and dirt end up with your knitting, the kid’s toys or what ever else you want to store there. When you want to move your things around, the handle comes in handy.

Storage bucket with a lid and a handle on a shelf a bookcase

Defining materials for this trend are wood like with the UPTOWN end tables, concrete and glass together with new materials like mesh, memory foam and brushed chrome.

Two end tables in black with vase, scented candle and tealight holder

In soft and sculpted shapes, geometric patterns appear. The decorative mirror EFFECT is a beautiful example. It consists of 5 separate pieces that you can put together in the shape that best fits your room.  

Wall shelf in glass and 5 piece decorative mirror in geometric shape

The colours in this trend are inspired by life under water. Mint is an important colour as well as aqua blue like you see it on the LINNEA throw. The combination with green on the DUNHAMMER sofa cushion is also very characteristic.

Sofa with throw and sofa cushions