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Make room for reflection with The Thinker


Category: Inspiration

Tags: Armchairs, Duvet Cover Sets, Shelves, Decoration

Welcome to the calm and peaceful trend direction that we call THE THINKER.

Striving for simplicity and harmony, THE THINKER trend draws on the classical minimalism of Scandinavian living. We create calm spaces and quiet nooks for mindfulness and being in the now. Lean back in the POMOSE armchair with a novel or simply lose yourself in thought.

The primary colours that characterise THE THINKER are blue, grey and black with no disturbing contrasts to distract the mind. The timeless and stylish shades combine both old and modern to create a thoughtful atmosphere.

Decorate your wall with a HEJLSMINDE shelf and don't be afraid to leave some of the little rooms empty to let the eye rest. Introduce the colour blue with the TEGLUM shelves, an alternative storage option, that is not only practical but very stylish.

Focusing on clean and geometrical elements, this trend offers room for reflection with a contemporary Scandinavian attitude. Metal, glass, ceramics and wood all combine to create a sleek and elegant look.

Create a natural spot for storage – nicely tucked away in beautiful HAAGEN boxes.

Create a relaxing space in the bedroom, so beautiful and comfortable that you could spend the entire day there. Enjoy how the KONGSBERG bed frame in this setting complements the wall colour:

THE THINKER is one of three new indoor trends in JYSK this season. Our skilled Range and Design team has carefully defined them and handpicked products that match each trend. Let yourself be inspired by the two other trends too: CREATIVE MIND and HUMAN NATURE.