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Circular rug in jute and seat pads in different colours and shapes on a chair

The Buyer’s favourite home textiles


Category: Inspiration

Tags: Cushions, Carpets and Rugs, Throws

Cushions, rugs, throws and table linen is what Sara Højgaard Rasmussen thinks about all day and dreams about all night. She is JYSK’s Hometex category manager and responsible for our home textile assortment. There are new products on the way online and in our stores and we have asked Sara about her 3 favourites among the new arrivals this season: “Our new textile range is based on nature’s very own colours. This season we embrace products that, like nature, remain modern and fit into many homes,” she says and goes on to highlight 3 products.

Quilted blanket with many functions

Quilted blanket on a bench with a basket and a cushion


One of the latest news is the VALMUE quilted blanket in 100% cotton. VALMUE is available in both a   yellow and a grey version and you can use it as a nice throw for your sofa or as a practical blanket for the beach. I love the simple design and the vintage look, and the fact that this blanket is made to be put to use, not just to be displayed as a piece of décor.

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Seat pads in petrol or grey velour

Seat pads in different shapes and colours on a chair and on the floor


No matter where you need a little extra softness, the HYBENROSE seat pads will fit in. They have a velour quality and detailed finish, that are suitable anywhere in your house. And they are super comfy,” Sara says with a smile. “HYBENROSE is available in petroleum blue and in grey and the colours can easily be mixed or function separately.

Circular rug in jute

Circular rug in jute on the floor beneath a bench with a quilted blanket and a cushion


Last but not least, I want to highlight the circular rug SANDELTRE. With its natural jute material and woven cotton string, it can serve both as a decorative rug under your coffee table or on your patio as a pleasant and practical underlay. The natural material and colour makes it useful in many different settings and I know exactly where to place it at my own house.

The items are for sale in all JYSK stores and at from August 5th, 2020.

We are proud that all textile products in JYSK, that is articles where at least 80% of the weight of the product is textile, meet the requirements of OEKO-TEX, and the vast majority of JYSK textile products carry the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 mark. Read more about JYSKs work with the OEKO-TEX standards.