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valance bed sheet in black and white bottom fitted sheet

Sheet Guide

At JYSK we have many different types of sheets. The table below gives an overview of the different types of sheets and the mattresses they can be used on.


Flat sheet

Regular sheet without an elasticated band.

Can be tightened on the mattress with sheet straps.

Weaving: Smooth, flannel, sateen, percale

Mattress type: Foam, spring

Fitted sheet

Made with elastic in the corners, so it fits around the mattress.

Weaving: Smooth, satin 

Mattress type: Spring

Stretch sheet

Made from stretchy material with elastic edges.

Weaving: Jersey, terry cloth 

Mattress type: Foam, spring

Envelope sheet

Made with elastic, so it fits around the top mattress.

Weaving: Smooth, satin, jersey

Mattress type: Top

Valance sheet

Made to cover both the mattress, runners and legs as it goes down to the floor.

Weaving: Smooth

Mattress type: Spring

Mattress protector 

Breathable, waterproof polyester/cotton, stitched with elastic edges.

Prolongs the life of the mattress and protects against stains.

Mattress type: Foam, spring


Waterproof sheet

Cotton flannel with waterproof backing.

Made with elastic edges or straps.

Protects the mattress from moisture.

Also available sold by the metre.

Mattress type: Foam, spring


Flat sheets

Most people know that flat sheets consist of one piece of flat fabric. A flat sheet fits top mattresses or spring mattresses placed in a bed frame. You place the flat sheet around the mattress and tighten it between the mattress and the bed frame. If you want to tighten your flat sheet more, use a sheet strap. Flat sheets are available in cotton, cotton sateen, cotton percale and cotton flannel. Cotton is a soft material. Cotton sateen has a cooling effect and cotton flannel has a warming effect.

Fitted sheets

Fitted sheets are designed to fit a certain shape or height of a mattress. A fitted sheet is available as a valence sheet, envelope sheet or a jersey sheet.

Fitted sheets

A fitted sheet has a smooth surface and fits spring and foam mattresses. It is designed with elastic corners that make it easy to place it on the mattress. However, a fitted sheet does not fit a box mattress with a top mattress. Use a jersey sheet to cover both the box mattress and the top mattress, or use an envelope sheet to cover the top mattress.

Fitted sheets are available in cotton which is a soft material.

Valance sheets

A valance sheet covers both the mattress and the legs due to its length. If you use the space under your bed for storage boxes, they are easily hidden with a valance sheet. The height of JYSK’s valance sheets are 45cm – please check if your mattress is higher or lower than this. A valance sheet is available in cotton, which is a soft material.

Envelope sheets

An envelope sheet fits a top mattress up to 8cm. It also fits a thin mattress pad. An envelope sheet is available in cotton and cotton sateen.

Stretch sheets

A stretch sheet has elastic edges and can be used for spring and foam mattresses. Please note that the KRONBORG GOLD stretch sheets have extra height, so they cover both the mattress and top mattresses. A stretch sheet comes in terry cloth or jersey. A jersey sheet is soft in comparison to a terry cloth sheet, which is coarser in quality.


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