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Dining chair with large black and beige rug underneath plus colourful cushions

Rugs, throws and cushions add hygge to your room styling


 "Hygge" is a Danish term used to describe the ultimate feeling of cosiness. It is about creating a relaxing atmosphere that allows you to unwind and recharge.

You cannot force the feeling of hygge, however, you can help it along with the right kind of furniture and decorations. Something as simple as snuggling up in your favourite armchair with a comfortable throw and soft cushions is 'hygge'.

Cushions & throws
Cushion DAGFIOL 40x60 red/light red
2 for €23.99
€16.99 /each
Save 29%
Only in store

Set the mood for hygge in your home cushions, throws & rugs

Redecorating your living room or dining room doesn’t have to be that mammoth project that you expect it to be. There is no need to paint the walls, get a new sofa or new armchairs - you can simply change the cushions, throws and rugs. These items all have a way of influencing the entire room. They can define different areas in a room, and either create harmony or add some spark to your décor. 

Throw ERANTHIS 130x170 beige
€49.99 /each
Save 20%


Throws function in numerous ways. They can break up a surface in a neutral colour, create a calm background for patterned cushions or add a charming look to an armchair by being casually draped over the armrest. And they keep you warm on cold evenings. 

A green cushion and a knitted throw on a grey sofa

You can chose cushions and throws in different shades of the same colour scale and let them match the rest of your décor and furniture like we have done in the living room above, or you can use them to add extra spark to an already joyful look like we have done it below.

Cushions and throws
Cushion KORALLROT 40x60
2 for €29.99
€19.99 /each
Save 25%

Living room accessories add hygge to your room styling

You can use rugs to define a space or to separate different areas. Put a rug under your dining table to create a “room in the room”, or under your coffee table to add an extra sense of “hygge”. A rug has a comfy look and feels more pleasant for the feet than a cold floor.  


Upholstered furniture, rugs, throws, curtains and cushions all have a way of adding warmth to a room and turning a house into a home. But even little things like cloth napkins can contribute to the feeling of hygge at your dinner parties - or just your regular weeknight.  

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