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small balcony decorating ideas

Decorating a small balcony

Having a balcony can mean that an outdoor space is at your fingertips and that you can enjoy the sun at a great height! But perhaps you have a small balcony space and aren't too sure how to decorate? Read on for tips and advice.

Organise, plan and stay focused

The first step is organising and optimising every little inch of the space you have available. What is your dream scenario? Is it eating a delicious lunch with a friend or lounging in the warm sun? Do you fantasise about a small, urban garden where you can grow your own fresh and tasty herbs and spices? Concentrate on that one purpose first and foremost. If it turns out that you have more space available when you have decorated your dream patio or balcony, then that is just a bonus.

Choose furniture with more than one purpose

Let us start by stating the obvious, get small furniture. You might be surprised at how much you can do with small furniture and how to really make the most of your space. For example, using a stool as a coffee table, and using a bench as a decorative piece.

Voila! No sunlounger needed. By getting furniture that serves more than one purpose, you can get as much out of your balcony as possible. Also consider choosing folding furniture and furniture that also has a storage option. Use light colours and think about hanging a mirror. A mirror makes any room – also the outdoor ones - seem larger and more spacious.

Look up

When you run out of space on the floor, look up. Many times the walls are an untapped resource, and if you find a way to utilise the vertical space on your balcony or patio, you can double up your elbow room. Use the walls for storage, decoration, lighting or a vertical garden.

Put up railing planters and hanging baskets. Arrange shelves to keep pots, magazines or your cups of coffee on them.

Lanterns and string lights

On a small balcony or patio, avoid powerful lighting and go for lamps with a nice, warm tone instead. Subdued lighting is perfect for creating a snug feeling, as solar lights, string lights and lanterns will turn your dull patio or balcony into a cosy space.

All in all, there is no excuse for using your small patio or balcony for storage or the like when you possibly have a small outdoor paradise just waiting for you to decorate.

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