Planters that will spruce up your outdoor space

Plant pots are perfect to use as part of the decor on the patio or decking as they create a welcoming ambience and add greenery and life. Our collection includes many different types of pots for various outdoor uses - planters, flower trays, balcony pots, garden tins, flower boxes and hanging baskets. Whatever outdoor space you've got to work with we've got the planter or basket for you. Our garden planters and pots are available in steel, plastic, polyrattan, wood, fibre cement and clay. Many of the garden pots are frost-proof and can withstand the temperatures outside all year round, and simply require that you adapt the plants to the season. Explore our large selection online or click & collect from any of our stores in Ireland.

Create a vivid and natural atmosphere

Give your garden an instant spruce up with a coordinated selection of stylish garden planters. Perfect for balcony plants, garden pots and a few decorative pieces.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have acres of lawn and deep borders packed with shrubs and plants, or you preside over a small patio or even a petite balcony, a collection of garden pots and planters can make all the difference, bringing colourful seasonal displays to the dullest corner. We have an extensive selection of garden planters, tubs and plant pots in a range of shapes, sizes and materials – all designed to offer lots of planting options to enhance your grass area or outdoor space. 

Planters to make your outdoor space more welcoming

Plants and flowers on a patio create a vivid and natural atmosphere – and if you make sure that some of them are edible, you can use them to season your meals right there by the garden table. But where do you best place your planters, and what looks good? With these 5 tips and patio ideas, we show you how to use planters to make your outdoor space even more welcoming.

  1. Use your vertical space - If you avoid just placing your plants on the ground and instead place them in planters of different heights, or planters that can hang from a wall, you get an interesting, dynamic and diverse look. Planters can also camouflage a fence that needs some paint or a dull-looking wall.
  2. Group your planters - Gardening with planters is quite easy, but make sure to group your planters. If you place them one in each corner of the patio, they get a sorry, lonely look. Instead, place two or three planters close to each other to make them bring out the best in each other.
  3. Planters don't have to match - A mix of materials, colours and shapes can create a surprisingly integrated look. When you gather planters with different herbs and flowers together, they typically end up looking coordinated, like they were meant to be together and help each other shine.
  4. Mix herbs with flowers - Mix your herbs with your flowers to create a stunning patio display. Place a variety of pots on the garden table — and enjoy the benefits: Pick fresh herbs for your dinner and enjoy the flowery smell.
  5. Mix planters with lanterns - Don’t restrict yourself to planters when you create your patio décor. Add lanterns to your group of planters and you get the chance to draw extra attention to them when it gets darker. Bonus: When you light up the outer corners of the patio, it will seem bigger and more spacious. If you don't have green fingers, or if you have travel plans this summer, you can get artificial plants and still enjoy the green look of your patio without having to water them.   

Experiment with your plant pots

An advantage of using planters around your outdoor space is that they are movable and it is very easy for you to redecorate and change your outdoor space every year. Place a couple of big planters together and create a room divider, which is easy to move. Give your patio a splash of colour by potting vibrant flowers in tall planters. Create a snug corner by placing two tall planters together. This way you can enjoy a moment surrounded by beautiful colourful plants. Save a section of your patio for complete relaxation. Combine a comfortable lounge set and maybe a sun lounger with soft textiles and construct the perfect outdoor space for relaxation. Use a hanging plant pot to help shelter the space from the wind and any disturbing noises or views. They are a light and subtle solution that ensures a cosy and enclosing atmosphere - perfect for a section with a lounge set, where you can relax and rejuvenate.