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Hallway bench below a clothes rack and bench with storage below a window

Choose the right hallway bench

Your hallway is the first and last room that meets your guests, and thus plays role in both functionality and style. The hallway bench is a versatile piece of furniture that can help you create a welcoming first impression. 

With many options available, choosing the right bench can feel difficult. In this guide we will equip you to find the perfect hallway bench for your needs.

Find the perfect fit

Many hallways are already packed with coat stands and shoe racks, umbrellas, bags and clothes. A bench can help create a sense of order in a busy hallway. If you ignore all the clutter, how much space do you have for a hallway bench? Decide on a spot, measure it and start looking for an option with the right dimensions. A small hallway requires a narrow version, so also make sure to measure your hallway's length and width to ensure the bench doesn’t obstruct traffic flow. 

Also put some thoughts into the users of the bench: If they are children, you might want to find a low bench, while adults will prefer a higher one.

Material, style and colour

Benches come in a variety of materials: Wood, metal and upholstered versions. Each with their own style and expression. Wood is classic and timeless. It offers a natural aesthetic and comes in various finishes to complement your décor. Metal adds a modern touch to your home and both complements and matches a contemporary style. Upholstered benches provide plush comfort and come in a variety of fabrics and colours to personalize your space. 

You can either choose a colour that complements your existing décor or use colours to create contrast. Neutral tones like white, grey, or beige offer timeless versatility, while bolder hues can add a pop of personality. 

Also keep in mind the effect that the bench will have on the hallway as a whole. If your hallway has light walls, a darker bench can add definition, while a light-coloured bench can brighten a darker hallway.

Soothe your storage needs

Many a hallway will benefit from extra storage space. If storage is also a priority for you, opt for a bench with a shelve or a built-in compartment beneath the seat. This can be used to store shoes, bags, hats, or scarves, keeping your hallway clutter-free.

A shoe rack bench with open storage underneath the seat helps you keeping shoes off the floor and preventing muddy footprints from tracking through the house.

Hallway styling 

Now that your hallway bench is in place, consider how you can make the most of it. Style it with some cushions or a throw and use the top of the bench to showcase practical or decorative items like a bowl for keys or a basket for scarves and gloves. This will add personality to your hallway. 

With a mirror on the wall behind it, the bench acts as an anchor natural centrepiece, creating an "anchor" for a lamp, a plant pot or a rug.  

Benches for every room

A bench isn’t just a piece of versatile furniture for your hallway. You can utilize benches across your home: 

In your bedroom: Add a bench to the foot of your bed. It provides a place to sit while putting on shoes or can be used for throws or folded laundry.

In your home office: A bench provides additional seating for guests or creates a comfortable spot to relax during breaks. 

In your living room: A bench by the window or against a wall offers additional seating when needed.

In your guest room: The bench will be an ideal place for bags and belongings when your guests are unpacking or packing. 

Bench in a guestroom with large wardrobe
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When it comes to functionality and style, a hallway bench can be a true hero in your home. By considering the tips above, you'll be well on your way to finding one that complements your space and fulfils your needs. Browse JYSK's wide selection of hallway benches and get ready to transform your hallway into a stylish and functional haven. 

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