Discover versatile hallway benches for every home

Transform your hallway into a stylish and functional space with hallway benches from JYSK. Our collection includes indoor and outdoor options, crafted from bamboo and other quality materials. Each bench combines practicality with elegance and style, featuring built-in storage for shoes and accessories. Whether you prefer a minimalist or rustic look, JYSK offers benches that enhance your home's décor while providing comfortable seating. Visit or your nearest store to browse our selection and find the perfect bench for your entryway.

Elevate your entryway with a hallway bench from JYSK

Benches with underneath or internal storage are a great way to organise your hallway. Find comfortable, padded, fabric benches - perfect for taking a pew when you're taking your shoes on or off. Choose from underneath shoe racking, inside storage compartments or simple and lightweight designs in a variety of styles including vintage, minimalist and Scandinavian inspired. Whether you prefer natural wood finishes, such as oak or pine, black or white gloss, or metal - we have a diverse assortment of benches to fit any hallway or entrance.