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small apartment decorating ideas

6 ways to decorate a small apartment

Decorating and furnishing a small apartment doesn't need to be tough. With the right pieces of furniture and interior tricks, you can make a small space practical and stylish. Read on for 6 tips on how to achieve a well styled and movable home.

1. Place a mirror across from your window

Mirrors are often used in small spaces in order to give the impression of a larger room – the best trick is to place a mirror across from your window. This reflects the light from the window and creates an illusion of another window, hence making the room seem much larger than it is.

2. Style any lamps or lights with a mirror

Styling with mirrors doesn't stop there. Consider placing a mirror behind a lamp or near to any lighting designs. The light from the lamp will reflect into the room and make it appear larger. Try this with both a pendant light and a table lamp. Get a few more ideas on how to decorate with mirrors.

3. Choose furniture with more than one function

You want to make to the most out of your space – therefore, think about how you can integrate furniture with more than one function. A sofa bed is one of the best examples of a piece of furniture that combines 2 different purposes. And consider using a dining bench with extra storage, or a chair which can also be used as a side table.

4. Choose furniture with a lightweight design

When choosing furniture for a small apartment, go for a design with a light appearance. The point is not whether the furniture is heavy or not, but more how you perceive the weight of it. Often it can be a good idea to choose light colours or materials. If the design is perceived as light, it can be perfect for your small room or apartment. 

5. Limit the use of colour and material

In order to create a calm room within a few square meters, try to limit the use of colour and materials. Choose the same colours and tones for your furniture. For the bedroom shown below we have used grey for both the curtains and bed throw which gives a calmer and more spacious look.

6. Create small spaces

Consider the different things you do in your apartment, for example, sleeping, eating, relaxing and maybe even working. When you have an overview of the different activities, then create a zone for each or at least for the most important ones. Use a long curtain to divide the room into smaller zones or place plants so they separate the room.

Get more inspiration on how to decorate a small apartment, and share your best ideas with us in the comments below.

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