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Daybed with cushions and a throw against a wall with posters and a cloud shaped lamp

5 tips to crowd out the winter darkness with warm light

In the wintertime, retreating to the inside is very tempting. However, the amount of natural light that shines through the windows is limited. Experts say that in a room of approximately 20 m2, you need 3-5 light sources and during the dark winter months, you will surely discover why. One light source as for example a ceiling lamp is not enough to meet your needs.

A variety of light sources will give the room atmosphere and create a sense of depth in the room. Get our best tips to light your home here.

1. String lights can act as a legit light source

String lights are a fun and easy way to add atmosphere to a room while lighting it up. If you haven’t yet stored away the Christmas string lights, and if you have a see through vase let the two light up the room in an unexpected and beautiful way.

String lights are lightweight so you can hang them from a small hook in a dark corner or you can drape them from a wall shelf like above. Bonus: If you like to re-decorate, they are really easy to move around as they run on a battery.


2. Create depth with LED strips

As mentioned above, lights can be used to create depth and structure in a room. An easy way to do this is to place a LED strip underneath a wall shelf. Mount it along the back, close to the wall and you both have a subtle light source and you draw attention to the decor on the shelf.

3. Mix wall lamps with posters and mirrors

Wall lamps can create a special atmosphere and when you mix them with other décor, they both draw attention to their surroundings and create an interesting play of light and shadow.


4. Warm light in dark corners will enlarge the room

Candles are a sweet and pleasant source of extra light. When you want to create an especially cosy atmosphere, light some candles and place them in the dark corners to the light up the room. Bonus tip: You can also get LED candles that don’t pollute the air with smoke. They also save you the worries about the fire hazard – you can even place them in a wooden bookcase and just enjoy the pretty light.

5. Use every opportunity to light up the room

Multi functional furniture that have more than just one purpose are practical in a small apartment, and the same goes for your lighting. For instance you can use the chance both to draw attention to your favourite inspirational quote and lighting up a corner of the room with a light box such as TORLEIF.


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What are your best tips to lighting the house? Please let us know in the comments!


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