Keep the sun out and the heat in with a blackout blind

Blackout roller blinds allow very little light into the room, and are a great choice for the bedroom. They are ideal if you have trouble sleeping from light curtains or bright lights outside your home.  As well as being practical they can also serve as a simple, minimalist decoration on your windows. At JYSK you will find blinds with blackout in black, grey, white, beige and rose that are quick and easy to put up. Shop the range of colours and styles of blackout roller blinds with JYSK.

What is the best way to clean and main roller blinds?

Taking care of your blinds will keep their appearance looking as good as new, and therefore save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Maintaining roller blinds is much easier than you think. To clean the roller blinds, wipe the fabric downward while they are closed by using a clean, damp cloth, ideally once a week. You can also use a soft brush vacuum cleaner or a hand vacuum cleaner. Learn more about it in our curtain and blind cleaning guide here.