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Clothes rail in a bedroom, young woman with moving boxes and a living room with a modern sofabed

Get the right equipment for your one bedroom flat


Category: Living & Dining

Are you getting your own place for the first time this autumn? Moving into your first home is so exciting — but it can also be a bit overwhelming: What is absolutely need to have, and what is nice to have when you want to create a cosy home for yourself? We have put together a list that makes it easy to decide.  

Multi-functional furniture for living and dining

In a small one-bedroom flat, you have the challenging task of merging a bedroom with a living room. It is important that you can both sleep, eat and relax. Multi functional furniture like a sofabed can be a big help in small spaces. Consider if your coffee table can possibly function as a bedside table too. And think practical about your storage: In a closed cabinet you can keep both bed linen, books and tableware without messing with a tidy look.

Need to have

Once you have all you need, it is time to think about the personal touch. Candlesticks, green plants, throws and cushions all contribute to the homey feeling. A rug on the floor or a dressing screen can help you create different zones in a room.

Nice to have 

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Sleeping equipment for a one bedroom flat

You spend around one third of your life in bed so it makes sense to give priority to your sleep. Make sure that your bedroom, whether it is actually a room in itself, or a part of a one bedroom flat, is comfortable and inviting so you can wake ready for a day of learning. Get a comfy pillow that fits your sleeping habits and a check our duvet guide to get advice on which to choose.

Need to have  


If you want to care a little extra for the sleep environment, a headboard is a good investment. It both has a nice, visual effect and it provides a good comfort when you sit in bed. A bed throw covers up your bed linen and creates a nice tidy look in a one bedroom flat.

Nice to have 

Bathroom essentials and cool additions

In the bathroom, there are a few essentials that you need to be able to freshen yourself up - without splashing the entire room. While you are at it, you might as well also do some colour coordination.

Need to have


If you really want to create a comfy bathroom, add a bathmat so you can step out of the shower in comfort, a storage box and a bin.

Nice to have 


Clothes rail or closet?

It is important to take care of your clothes, so they last a long time and look good while you wear them. A wardrobe with both a rail and drawers is ideal, but you can also go for a solution with a chest of drawers and a clothes rail.

Need to have  


You can get a cosy homey feeling if you get some decorative baskets for your knick-knack, a planter box,  a nice laundry basket, or a practical trolley.

Nice to have 

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