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Colour glass bowels, faux flower with bright plant pots and wicker wall shelf

The Buyer's favourite décor


Category: Trends, Inspiration

Tags: Decoration, Vases and Flowers

Sometimes we all need a little renewal in our home décor. It doesn’t have to be all that difficult – or expensive – to give your interior a fresh update.

Tina Nymann is JYSK’s Category Buyer of home interior décor since 2015, and our expert within housewares so we have asked her about her favourites among this season’s news: “After a winter that has been long in more than one respect, I think we all need a splash of colour,” Tina begins. ”That is why I have handpicked three products that can bring a little joy into your home.”


Faux flowers in different colours in blue, yellow and grey, yellow and green plant pots

“I have been searching for an artificial flower like KALLE for quite a while, so I was thrilled when I first saw the fine little leaves and the sweet coloured flowers in burgundy, white and yellow. Their pot fits perfectly in the TIM plant pot, which is also available in three colors: Green, yellow and grey. These two products can add a colour spark to your home – and you can use them both inside in your windowsill, and outside on your garden table during the summer time. KALLE is also perfect for a holiday home as the flowers need no maintenance,” Tina suggests.

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Coloured glass bowls and a mug with a trey and a paper towel holder

“JONAS bowls are another example of the very colourful trend that flows through interior design at the moment. They are available in two sizes, 10 and 15 cm, and in three colours: Grey, orange and purple. In my eyes, the pattern gives them a subtle retro look, which I really like. These are the bowls for you if you want value for your money: They are both beautiful, useful and robust. The glass is dyed-through, so they can go in the dishwasher without losing their beautiful colour. Match the bowls with ANDERS mugs and you can set a lovely, joyful table,” Tina says. 


Small wall shelf with mug, bowl and faux flower

“MALIK is a little wicker wall shelf with a lot of possibilities. It is only 35 cm wide, 45 cm high and 13 cm deep so it can fit almost anywhere in your bathroom, in the kitchen, in the teenage room or in the living room. And you can use it for many different purposes: Storage of face cloths or display of your neatest little mugs and bowls... It adds a cozy atmosphere to your home so it is both versatile, practical and decorative,” Tina finishes.

The new products are available in our online assortment from January 26th. 

Which one of Tina’s favourites is your own favourite? Share with us in the comments!