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Water hyacinth basket, basket with lid and jute basket

The Buyer’s favourite decorative storage boxes


Category: Storage

Tags: Baskets, Storage, Storage Boxes

Baskets are available in so many different shapes, sizes and looks that you can find one that fits into your décor for sure. And the new assortment in JYSK only makes it easier. We have asked our Homeware Buyer, Susanne Bank about her favourites: “In generaI, I just love baskets,” Susanne laughs, and continues: “With a basket, you can tidy up a messy room in a snap of a finger. The three that I want to highlight here are some that are worth an extra mention.”

FREJ jute basket comes in two sizes

A large jute basket on the floor and a smaller one on a bench in a light room

FREJ is an open basket made out of jute. It has leather look handles and is black on the inside.

“I like the crafted look and the fact that FREJ comes in two different sizes,” says Susanne. “The bigger version fits into room divider units and the smaller one you can use to organise your belongings – in the wardrobe for your belts and accessories, in the bathroom for the hair dryer or whatever you can think of. There are few items that can make a cluttered and messy room look nice and tidy as easy as baskets.”

ARE water hyacinth basket with a vintage look

Water hyacinth basket on the floor beside a vase in green glass

ARE is made out of water hyacinth, is a 37 cm tall and has a diameter of 34 cm.

“This basket has such a nice look with its soft and curvy shapes. I am going to use it in my décor and enjoy the sight of it every day. The handles make it very practical and easy to move ARE around so you can use it for your knitting, or maybe the children’s toys,” suggests Susanne and goes on: “With the vintage look, ARE is a nice counterbalance to the fast moving, digital culture that we live in.”

ASGER basket with lid is perfect for your personal belongings

Basket with lid on a table beside a glass cup

The ASGER basket is made out of rush, it has a lid and a metal frame, so it keeps its shape. “Your most special belongings deserve that you take extra care of them. You can use ASGER on your desk for old love letters and it is also a practical solution for your napkins or candles,” says Susanne. “What I also like about ASGER is the clear connection to nature. Nature brings balance, stability and calmness into our lives – and who couldn’t use a little of that?”

The products are available online from July 14th and in our stores from August 5th.