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Natural wicker storage basket and box with storage box made out of recycled paper

The Buyer’s favourite decorative storage boxes


Category: Storage

Tags: Baskets, Storage, Storage Boxes

Do you need somewhere to store your throws, or knitting, your magazines or firewood or maybe toys or stationery? The answer to your storage needs is a decorative storage box. We have asked our Homeware Category Manager, Susanne Bank about her favourites among the new assortment in JYSK: “I have a soft spot for baskets, so it difficult to choose only 3. However there are some that deserve some extra attention,” says Susanne.

DANNI basket with lid 

Basket with lid, floral cushion and throws

“First of all, I find that DANNI is a super stylish basket. On top of that, it is very practical: The lid has been enforced with metal so you can use DANNI as a small table or as a footstool. Don’t sit on it though,” Susanne says with a smile. “It is made out of rush and in my opinion it is a really tasteful way of storing an extra throw or the children’s toys that somehow always end up in the living room.”

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ABEL storage basket

Decorative basket with a cushion and two artificial flowers

“When I first saw ABEL, I immediately pictured it as an alternative take on the magazine holder or the firewood basket, but you can also use it for your throws or knitting. It is made out of cedar wood and has a beautiful natural brown colour. The natural look makes it a perfect addition to any home, be it classic, romantic, modern or a completely different style.”

BJORK storage box out of recycled paper

Two storage boxes out of recycled paper, a bench in black metal and a rug

“The BJORK storage box is made out of 100 % recycled paper and a rubber band. It doesn’t get much more simple than that. However, it has a lot of possibilities: It is a super elegant and practical solution to your storage issues. Keep your stationery in it, your wires and chargers or the children’s toys. The natural look has an elegant touch that makes it fit in anywhere. BJORK is available in two sizes: A small one that is 28 cm wide, 17 cm long and 8 cm high, and a larger one that is 40 cm wide, 30 cm long and 18 cm high,” says Susanne and leaves us with a desperate urge to tidy up the office and the living room.

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