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Seagrass baskets, wicker baskets and a wooden basket with an insert of Susanne Bank

The Buyer’s favourite decorative storage boxes


Category: Storage

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Nothing can make a house look neat and tidy like storage boxes. Whether you need a place to store your throws, knitting, your magazines or toys, a decorative storage box can help you. We have asked our Homeware Category Manager, Susanne Bank, about her favourites in the new assortment in JYSK: “I have had a really hard time choosing, but I managed to decide on three different storage boxes that each have their own advantages and are very decorative at the same time,” says Susanne.

AGNE seagrass basket

Square seagrass basket, round basket and black baskets


“AGNE has just the right size for several purposes,“ says Susanne. “You can use it on the bookshelf for candles, on the desk for notebooks, in the closet for scarves – or whatever you want. The look is perfect for someone who celebrates the simple life. It is both functional and beautiful,” says Susanne. AGNE is made out of seagrass and has practical handles. It is 23 cm wide, 32 cm long and 16 cm high.

CHRISTER round basket

CHRISTER round basket


“This is a super neat basket and just the look of it reminds me of a more predictable time and helps me find a sense of calm,” says Susanne. “The natural colours and the geometric pattern contrast each other in an interesting way, and I find that it really speaks to the imagination.”

CHRISTER is made out of seagrass and the practical handles make it easy to move around.

ALBIN wooden basket

Wooden basket on the floor below a black shelf with a plant pot


“Paper basket, storage basket for gift wrapping paper, a throw or cat toys … ALBIN is very versatile,” says Susanne. “The simple, stylish expression will suit any teenage room, office or hallway and you can carry it with you as you please.”

 ALBIN is made out of wood, is 30 cm high and has a diameter of 23 cm.

You can find the new baskets in our online assortment from January 18th.

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