Lars Larsen Had a Dream

It all began with an inventive and energetic young man from the area called Thy in the north-western part of Denmark.

When he had served his apprenticeship in a draper's store and later in a furniture store, he had the idea that he wanted to open his own chain of bed linen outlets.

The young man's name was Lars Larsen. He had practically no money, but his head was brimming with bright ideas.

An ambitious Mr. Larsen soon managed to find a number of suppliers and a bank willing take a chance on this young entrepreneur. The bank was a small branch of the Danish bank Nørresundby Bank, and Mr. Larsen has not changed banks since.

Take-off in Aarhus, Denmark

Lars Larsen had envisioned a chain of stores, and with such grand plans it didn’t matter where in Denmark he opened his first store. The most suitable store space was found in the city of Aarhus in Jutland, so on the 2nd of April 1979 the first store opened its doors. Lars Larsen is the owner of the JYSK Group and its subsidaries, among these the JYSK companies throughout the various countries as well as Dänisches Bettenlager and Bettenwelt Germany and Austria. 

In addition to the JYSK Group, Lars Larsen also owns or partly owns other companies. '' is an internet based chain of furniture outlets with showrooms in European cities and in China, 'Interior Direct' is a large-scale supplier of furniture for hotels and conference facilities, and 'Himmerland Golf & Spa Resort' is one of Scandinavia's best equipped and most attractive golf courses with its own first class golf hotel.

Lars Larsen's Autobiography

Read the autography by the founder of JYSK here. The book was first published in 2004.