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Rugs vs carpets - which to choose?

Rugs vs carpets - which to choose?

“Carpet benefits” is a phrase that people probably wouldn't apply to the context of interior decoration. But using rugs in home décor and interior design has become very popular! If you have not yet jumped on the rug bandwagon, here are six great reasons for doing so.

6 carpet benefits with rugs

It's no state secret that rugs can be flipped, rotated and moved whenever you like, providing a flexible interior with a wealth of options. In addition to flexibility, there are six other carpet benefits when using rugs in living rooms and in your interior design:

  1. They reduce dust and improve indoor climate
  2. They enhance acoustics
  3. They provide greater safety
  4. They are easy to clean
  5. They are comfortable to walk on
  6. They are perfect for playing   

Rugs reduce dust and improve indoor climate

Rugs are better at retaining dust than other hard surfaces. That means that area rugs reduce dust in the air, thereby improving the indoor climate in your home

Rugs enhance the acoustics

Living room rugs absorb sound, therefore enhancing the acoustics of a room. This is because the resonance from the floors, ceiling and walls is reduced in areas where there are rugs. The larger the rug, the greater the impact it will have on a room’s acoustics. Large rugs can easily be placed under dining tables and coffee tables.

Rugs and better safety in the home

A wooden floor can be slippery with the risk of falling and hurting yourself. By using non-slip underlay for area rugs, you can minimise the likelihood of falling and hurting yourself in your home.  

If you are unlucky enough to fall, rugs will mitigate the fall, because falling on a rug is softer than on a hard wooden or stone floor

Rugs are easier to clean

Rugs are easy to clean. The fibres mean that there is no problem vacuuming rugs. Regular vacuuming, once a week, will easily remove dust. But weather permitting, means it can be a good idea to hang your rug outside and beat it.

If an accident does occur and something gets spilled, make sure you remove the stain immediately. Use a cloth to soak up the liquid until it is all absorbed. To remove the actual stain, it is advisable to use professional cleaning agents and to follow the instructions.


Rugs are comfortable to walk on

Rugs are comfortable to walk on because they are naturally warm. This means that they feel warmer than other types of surface. The natural warmth, combined with the soft material, makes rugs comfy to walk on especially if you're barefoot.

The fact that rugs are pleasant to walk on in bare feet also means that it's a good idea to place a rug in a place where you are most frequently barefoot. This could be next to the bed or out in the bathroom. Your feet will be very grateful!

Dining room with a light grey rug under the dining table

Rugs are perfect for playing

Children’s rugs in a bedroom creates a space for play and creativity. Playing is more fun on a soft rug instead of sitting on a hard wooden floor. Small, loose rugs in a children’s bedroom don't take up much room so they can easily be transferred. That way there is always somewhere to play on, so decorating a children’s bedroom can be as easy as pie.

Are you aware of any advantages of, or prejudices against rugs, which do not feature in the list? Feel free to share them in the comments box on this page.

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