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Learn how to tidy up your house

Our 7 best tips on how to tidy up your house

Need some tips on how to tidy your house? With our 7 tips you can make your home organised and clean – and keep it that way. Read our list and learn how to tidy your home and get tips that will make your everyday life a little easier.

  1. Before tidying up: Find a garbage bag, a dust rag and an empty laundry basket

What to declutter first: Start by throwing all rubbish in the bin bag, collect everything that doesn’t belong in the room in the laundry basket, wipe all surfaces and voila: Your home is tidy and presentable again.

  1. Start by cleaning all surfaces

Take one surface at a time - and don't be tempted to add mess on the surfaces you have already cleaned! If you don't yet know where some of the stuff should be, put them in a pile on the bed or sofa that you can handle when the surfaces are tidy.

  1. Organise by category, not room

Start with the categories that are easiest and work your way to the harder ones. Start with categories like clothing and books and finish with stuff that have a sentimental value.  

  1. Declutter by dividing into 3 categories

A big part of cleaning or organising is to part with belongings that you no longer use or need. Declutter by dividing the things you don’t need into 3 categories: “Throw away”, “Recycle/donate” and “Sell”.

  1. Organise by focusing on your favourite things

Empty the drawer or wardrobe and select the products that you love and regularly use. Dispose of the rest. It is much harder to choose the stuff that you don't want any more than it is to choose the things you can’t live without.

  1. Do not leave a room empty handed

In other words - clean up regularly. It may seem obvious but it works! Make it a habit to never leave a room empty handed – just think about how many items you clean up every day!

  1. Follow the 80/20 rule - 80% clean and 20% messy

Accept that 80% of your house is tidy and clean and be okay with 20% being a bit messy. By living by this rule, you will experience that cleaning takes up less time and you won't have that feeling of dread to get started.

More tips on how to declutter

We hope that you can use our tips when tidying up your home and that they make cleaning a little easier. If you can’t get enough of our tips we have 2 bonus tips for you:

Bonus tip 1: Turn your hangers the wrong way

If you need to organise your closet but have a hard time parting with your clothes, then this tip is perfect for you. Start by turning all hangers in your wardrobe the wrong way. Then hang them the right way when you use the clothes on them. Look at the hangers after 1 month and see how many are turned the wrong way. This is an easy and visual way to see which clothes you actually wear on a regular basis. Sell or donate the clothes you never use. 

Bonus tip 2: Buy a laundry basket for clean clothes

This tip is for those of you whose bedroom regularly resembles an exploded textile factory. Those of you who try four different outfits without putting the first three back in place. Use the laundry basket with only clean clothes and empty it once a week. This way you avoid having to fold 10 pieces of clothes when you are in a hurry in the morning. It also prevents the dreaded chair that many of us have for those clothes that can be worn again - such as jeans.

Do you have some good tips on how to declutter? Please share them with us in the comments. 


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