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How to tidy up your office and hall

Procrastination isn’t all bad if you spend your time wisely. Nothing puts a dampener on your productivity like a messy office with scattered papers, pencils, tape dispensers or scissors laying around so you can’t find the things that you need. So just go ahead and get rid of the clutter. It gives you a break from the desk and helps you get your energy on when you need it.

Smart storage solutions

The most efficient weapon against clutter is storage in all different sizes, shapes and forms. Get furniture with built-in storage solutions like shelves and drawers. Use your vertical space for storage as well as décor – for instance a pretty wall shelf or an original bulletin board. Get creative and use the back of an old painting for inspirational quotes, memos and kid’s drawings. Hampers and baskets are ideal for storing smaller items like notebooks, paintbrushes or other creative tools. Make sure that they are see through so you don’t waste time looking for the right one, or label them so you can easily find what you need.

The visual expression is also very important for your perception of orderliness in the room. Choose matching colours for your décor and storage solutions so the office gets a consistent look. In this room we have chosen natural, earthy colours that match each other and contribute to a calm atmosphere at the same time as they create a sense of dynamics. Just what you need to get into a productive mood.

De-clutter the hall

When you are done with the office, you can go on with the hall. Entering a home that greets you with piles of shoes and bags can make you want to turn on your heel and walk out again. Make it easy for both yourself and the rest of the family to put everything in its place from the minute you cross the threshold. And it doesn’t hurt if your storage solutions looks pretty.

If you have a large hall, you might have room for one or two shelving units like TRAPPEDAL where you can leave your hats and gloves in a basket and welcome your guests (and yourself) with green plants and useful knick-knacks like a tray for your keys and sunglasses.

If the entrance to your home leads directly into your living room, you can use the shelving unit as a room divider and create a space that is dedicated to the entrance. Hang a mirror and use a rug to define the area and get lots of storage solutions long as they matches the rest of your décor.

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