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Woman renting out a room, holding the key

How to rent out a room in your house

When you have decided to rent out a room or a house for holidaymakers, it is time to make sure that you are going to attract customers. Next after location, location, location, it is the interior that can make it or break it for your place. This list of tips helps you decide on an interior and décor that pleases both your guests and yourself. 

How to rent out a holiday home

1. Clean the place and clear out any clutter 

Nothing looks more uninviting as dirt and clutter. Before you take any photos or welcome any guests, go around with the vacuum and clear away all mess. Also make sure that your guests have enough space for their things and that any of your own belongings in the room or house are stored away. Read our best tips to tidy up.

2. Create an inviting décor

If your walls are a neutral white, it won’t offend anyone and it is easy to add some colour to the room using art and posters in stylish frames.  

If the space is limited, use mirrors to make the room seem larger. You can use mirrors both functionally and as a piece of the décor.  


3. Lighting up your holiday home to rent

Lighting can make a huge difference in a room, but just how much do you need, and where should you place the lamps? 

Pendant light can cast some rather unflattering shadows, but also give you a nice overview in the room. Use it as a backup that you can just leave turned off when you don’t need it - and make sure that you have other options available by adding several table lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps in the corners and anywhere else that you wish to attract focus. Position the lamps where it makes sense (by the bed, over the dining table etc.) but don’t be scared to add lighting that has no other function than to create a bit of “hygge”. Lamps that run on batteries are great for this type of décor as you can place them where you want to, without paying attention to where the closest plug socket is located. 

4. Storage in your summer cottage to let

When you are a guest in a holiday home, you bring many things with you that don’t have their own “home”. Therefore, make sure that there is space for these belongings when you are renting out a room. The wardrobe doesn’t have to be too big but should contain both a hanging rail and some shelves. You can also consider a clothes rail with a bottom shelve for shoes if the space is limited. 

Think about all the guidebooks, maps and promotion flyers that you need as a holidaymaker. Make sure that no one needs to panic because the passport or sunglasses are lost with shelves to that can keep it all.   

If you want to take extra care of your belongings and of your future guests, consider getting a mattress protector so you don’t jeopardize your mattresses and a vinyl tablecloth for your dining table. Shoot some great photos of your place and the surroundings and you are good to go! 

Do you have more tips for renting out? Please share them with us in the comments. 

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