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dining table buying guide

How to choose the right dining table

The dining table is the family gathering point, and the very focal point of any modern home, therefore a modern dining table is a positive and important investment. Read on and get dining table ideas and be well prepared before you venture out and invest in a new dining table.

A wooden, round, glass or white dining table?

A dining table can be rustic, simple, stylish, modern, practical or exclusive. The options are endless. But the most important thing is to go for a dining table that matches the style and accommodates the needs of your home. A dining table can make a statement in a room or it can play a more discreet role. Before investing in a beautiful new, modern dining table, it is important to arrive at a decision about what style of dining table you want.

The options can be endless, as it is important to consider all of the following:

- The shape of your dining table - should it be a round dining able or rectangular
- The material - do you prefer a glass dining table or a wooden dining table
- What colour? Perhaps you would prefer a white dining table to an oak one 

Light oak dining table from JYSK

Will the dining table have several functions?

In many modern homes the dining table is located in the dining room, which is frequently a room with several functions. So the same often goes for the dining table. A dining table often has several functions too, as an eating point, a place to sit and even where your children sit and do their homework.

So, when choosing a new dining table you may want to think about what function your dining table is going to have. This is relevant in terms of where your dining room should be placed and also in terms of the size and material you choose.

A large dining table or a small one?

The size and shape of your dining table should match the room. If you have plenty of space then a large rectangular dining table is an ideal choice. If you need space saving tables and chairs, then it is a good idea to go for an extendable dining table, therefore you have the option to change the shape. 

A round dining table works in both small and large rooms. Just remember to choose a material and dining chairs that harmonise with both the table and the room it is going to stand in. A round table also creates a special dynamic in a room with its curved edges and soft shape. At a round dining table people sit closer to each other, making it easier for everyone to join in the conversation.

What material should I choose for my dining table?

The material of your new dining table is very much related to the function your table will have. If you have young children you should have a dining table in a material that is not delicate and that is easy to clean.

One option could be to choose a dining table with a laminate top or a glass dining table. These materials are easy to clean by wiping quickly with a damp cloth. If instead you go for an oak or wooden dining table, your table will require more maintenance and is more likely to get scratched.


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