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Eurovision Song Contest party ideas

Eurovision Song Contest 2023 is around the corner and if there is an event that is perfect for inviting friends and family over for great fun, umbrella drinks and tasty snacks - this is it. Eurovision Song Contest is full of breathtaking performances, beautiful divas, magical shimmer, and colored confetti. Some people love it unconditionally while others enjoy it with a tongue in cheek. 

Even in a small apartment, you can make room for an enthusiastic crowd ready to party.  Have a look at our list of must have party accessories and practical furniture and get ready for what could be the most glamorous – or kitschy - event of the year.

The more the merrier 

Make sure your guests have somewhere to hang their coats and that your living room has comfy seats for a lot of people.  

Party ideas that set the mood

Eurovision Song Contest is all about appearance – so go all in and create a glamourous look with fabulous décor that shimmers and shines. 

At a Eurovision Song Contest party no one expects a three-course dinner. Instead, just put yummy snacks and cool drinks on the table and prevent any accidents with fancy glasses covered with lids.  

Eurovision voting is not just for the jury

Make a fun game out of voting for your favorites during the evening. As the different contestants perform their contributions, you and each of your guests give your personal favorite your 12 points and in the end, you will see who gets closer to the actual finalists or maybe the winner. 

Good luck and enjoy the evening! 


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