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STORSKARV hanging plant pots and LOMVI planter box

Create unique outdoor spaces with room dividers

The garden has more than ever become an extension of the house. That is why you should consider dividing it into different sections a bit like you do inside. Your living room that can have more than one function with a sofa section with a TV, a dining area and maybe also a reading corner or a desk area. Think about your garden space the same way.

The perfect solution for both small and big gardens

It can be quite challenging to manage a very spacious patio . Sometimes even bigger than a small patio or a balcony. A very big patio can easily seem either cluttered, messy or empty. 

One solution is to divide your patio into sections. Create a dinner section, a relaxing section and maybe a play section.  

Do you have a small patio? Get ideas for decorating it here. 

Use your outdoor space to the fullest

The patio used to be the place where we ate our meals and relaxed in a sun lounger. 

To make use of your patio divide it into different sections, and create little corners. With planters, you can split it into two sections, or create a natural stop to the seating area – the possibilities are endless.

When you have a clear image of how you want to use your patio, make a plan and consider where to place your garden furniture and garden accessories in relation to each other. Don’t forget to make use of whatever is on your patio already – a tree, a corner, a fence, a pillar… Remember to consider shelter from the wind and sunny places in the garden. 

Are you living in a newly established neighborhood? Use a room divider as a privacy screen. A room divider can help you create some privacy as long as your hedge is still low. 

Create a functional outdoor kitchen

Many people move the kitchen work out in the open when the weather is good. A great way to use your outdoor space is to create an outdoor kitchen. This way you can make the most of the summer. 

Dinner on the patio

A cozy and unique dining area

Create a cozy dining area that makes you want to dine in the garden all summer. Most people love eating outside when the weather is nice so the dining area is an essential section. Frame the area with planter boxes to create a space that sets the stage for long and entertaining dinners.

Use the planters to to separate your outdoor kitchen from the dining area. Remember to place the dining area close to the entrance of the house, so it is easy to access.

Create an oasis of relaxation

Save a section of your patio for complete relaxation. Combine a comfortable lounge set and maybe a sunbed with soft textiles and construct the perfect outdoor space for recreation. 

Use hanging plant pots to create shelter the space from the wind and any disturbing noises or views.They are a light and subtle solution that ensures a cozy and enclosing atmosphere - perfect for a section with a lounge set, where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Create new spaces again and again 

An advantage of using planters as movable room dividers is that you easily can redecorate and change your outdoor space. Place a couple of big planters together and create a room divider, which is easy to move. 

Give your patio a splash of color by planting vibrant flowers in tall planters. Create a snug corner by placing two tall planters together. This way you can enjoy a moment surrounded by beautiful colorful plants. 



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