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Garden patio ideas that saves you space and money | JYSK

Advantages with an adjustable outdoor table

Do you want to invite friends or family over for a dinner party or just coffee on the patio or balcony? A lot of us have to choose between the two options. We are dealing with the challenges of a small patio or balcony. If you have a limited amount of space, you might not have room for both a dinner set and a lounge set. But there is one item that can save you the dilemma: A height adjustable outdoor table. This season you can get the FARUM table for itself or as a part of a lounge set in JYSK:

If you get the lounge set and add some stacking chairs, you can invite for both dinner and coffee on your patio. 

At dinner time you place the table in the highest position and when you have enjoyed your meal, you can lower the table again to sit comfortably when you relax with a cup of coffee.

The VEMB lounge set also offers this practical solution. This versatile set saves you both space and money. 

Other garden patio ideas

A multi functional table such as the adjustable table in the FJELLERUP lounge set gives you extra space on the patio. 

When you don’t have to make room for both a dinner table and a lounge table, you can create a green oasis on the balcony or patio with garden planters. Lanterns are also amazing pieces of décor. 

The right patio table and chairs turns outside into inside 

Why deny yourself the comfort that you enjoy in the living room just because you are outside? With a lounge set you can create an informal setting. When you don’t have a big patio or balcony you have to be very cost efficient with the available space. The furniture should fit seamlessly and the space that you save when you only have one table can also be used for storage or possibly a kid’s corner.  

The table that comes with the TAMBOHUSE lounge set is easily transformed to a dinner table. Hold down the bottom section with your foot and lift the upper section. Turn it around 90 degrees and press it down gently until it clicks and voila: Dinner can be served. 


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