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A lantern, a solar lamp, a fire pit and a garden planter on a patio

9 most underrated garden accessories

You might think that you are all set for the summer, but sometimes it is the little things that count. In this list, we celebrate 9 hidden gems that can make your outdoor life easier, look better and make you feel good.

Practical garden accessories for your outdoor life

Table cloth weights

If it is a bit windy on the patio, you can be sure that the tablecloth edges end up on you dinner plate. Weigh them down with tablecloth weights and avoid the mess. 

Garden planter trolley

Plants can be high maintenance. You move them around so they can get some extra rays of sun and then back in the shade. Place them on a garden planter trolley and avoid back pain from carrying plants and planters around.

Cushion bag

A garden chair with no cushion is like a cake with no frosting: A somewhat bare experience. But where do you keep the cushions when you don’t use them? In a cushion bag of course, so them are collected and easy to move back and forth.


Pretty garden accessories for your outdoor life

Deck tiles

Are there stains on the patio floor or has it started looking old? Installing deck tiles is an easy solution that is both neat and comfy.

Wall mounted plant pot holder

A patio or a balcony without plants? That doesn’t sound right. But if you have a limited space available, a plant pot holder for mounting on the wall can be your rescue and you get easy access to fresh herbs for your al fresco dinner.

Solar lamps

Solar lamps used to have rather cold, short lived light, but no more! You can find solar lamps with a beautiful, long lasting light. They are low maintenance: Once the sun starts shining they manage themselves and you can lean back and enjoy the lovely sight in the dark.

Good for you - and your surroundings

Fire pit

The joy of staring into flames, enjoying the warmth from a fire cannot be underestimated. You can get your mind in the present, feel closer to nature and just relax.

Sun shelter

It is important to protect yourself from the sun, but a parasol can take up valuable space on the patio. A sun shelter takes up no space – all you need is to mount one side on the wall and tree or a pole where you can tie the loose end.

Insect hotel

You might not think that you need more insects in your garden, but actually, you do. Insect populations are plummeting these years. Since many plants rely on pollination by insects and many birds feed on insects, inviting them for a luxury stay in your garden is a great idea. 

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