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Indoor activities for kids

7 tips for indoor activities for kids this autumn

As it gets darker and colder, spending time outdoors seems less and less appealing. It is a good thing then, that there are so many fun things to do indoors! We have put together a list of some of our favourite family activities for both young and old.

1. Bake cookies

First of all: Get creative in the kitchen. Bake some cookies and let yourselves go crazy with frosting and sprinkles. This way you have delicious snacks at hand for the rest of the day when you are playing, reading, building etc.

2. Turn the dining room into a kids play area

Why not dedicate the space under your dinner table to a hideout. Get 1-2 sheets, as many cushions as you can find, a mattress, some string lights, your best friend and the before-mentioned cookies. A classic activity that’s always fun. Battery-operated LED string lights are a practical alternative for hideout lighting. The LED bulbs maintain a safe temperature and the hideout doesn’t have to be close to a socket.

3. Build an obstacle course

Now that you are at it – you can also use cushions, throws and pieces of small furniture to create an obstacle course where the kids jump from spot to spot, crawl under tables, over armchairs or through a tunnel made of stools. Use your imagination and invite the kids on a quest through the jungle, a vintage fairground or what ever you can think of! You can also combine this tip with tip number 4.

4. Indoor scavenger hunt

Hide clues all around the house for a scavenger hunt that will keep the kids busy for a long time. Create tasks, riddles and make them work as a team. Leave a “treasure chest” at the end with a few treats for an extra special surprise.

5. Play board or card games all day

There are so many fun board games for all age groups. Choose a favourite board game each and dedicate the day to playing them. A large coffee table is an open invitation to have fun, eat snacks and be creative together. 

Make tidying up easier by having sufficient storage space for board games, drawing supplies, puzzles and knick-knacks in your living room. Don’t have a game on hand? Play a guessing game like “Twenty Questions”.

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6. A good book can save the day

Go to the library and pick some books in different genres that the kids like. When you return home, build a reading nook in the sofa with cushions and throws. Put on your thick socks and lose yourselves in fairy tales, fables or fantasy fiction.

7. Watch a movie 

Movie nights are usually a success – even if they take place in the afternoon. Streaming services and devices makes it super easy to arrange (as long as you can agree on what to watch). Bring a bowl of popcorn and get comfy.

What are your favourite activities with your kids? Drop a comment and let us know.

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