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3 things to consider when buying modern garden furniture

A new garden set can be quite an investment therefore it's important to make the right choice. There are many things to consider such as the maintenance, style and what kind of outdoor space you have available. But which of these matters the most to you? 

Read on for tips on what to to consider before going shopping.

Size, space, seating

How big is your outdoor space? Do you have a large patio or a small balcony? Before going all in and getting a set with seats for both you, your family, friends and neighbours, think about your everyday needs and then consider a few extra folding chairs for any extra company. Folding chairs are easy to put away when you don’t use them and it's a good idea to reserve the space for extra outdoor activities. 

Much like when you are decorating a living or dining room, you need to leave space for passage and possibly also for outdoor accessories such as lanterns, planters and other decorative items that add atmosphere to your garden. 

Stacking chair GUDHJEM

When are you going to use your new garden furniture?

Are you going to eat your meals outdoors or is your space mainly going to be used for relaxtion with a good book? If you look forward to outdoor dining with friends, you will need a bistro set or a regular garden set with a table and a fair few chairs. If you are a more relaxed type, go for a lounge set and maybe a sun lounger where you can lean back and enjoy the sun. 

Lounge set VEMB 5-seater nature

Materials and maintenance

You need to consider what materials you like and what maintenance they require. Artwood, polyrattan and aluminium are almost maintenance-free and weather-proof garden furniture therefore you don't have to worry about leaving them outside all year round. Polyrattan and aluminum is also lightweight and easy to move. Hardwood is solid garden furniture and you can extend the lifetime of your wooden furniture by treating the pieces with oil. Plastic garden furniture is low cost but still comfortable, and it is very easy to clean.
Stacking chair AIDT

Look and style

It turns out that we actually have one 4th piece of good advice - maybe the most important of them all: Think about what look you would like to create in your outdoor space. Maybe a functional 50’s look with tight lines, metal and wood? Or perhaps more informal atmosphere with polyrattan and bright colors? Either way you can use garden accessories to soften up the look and create a dynamic, personal style.

Lounge chair UBBERUP


Chair RAVNEBAKKE white

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