It is important to choose a pillow that suits you, as a wrong pillow can cause neck pain and poor sleep. Customers choose synthetic fibre fill pillows for lots of reasons also because they’re often the best choice for allergy sufferers. Pillows with a synthetic filling may feel more elastic than those with a natural filling. With the best pillows for a great night's sleep, a fibre pillow may be the perfect choice for you. Plus, if you're after a v-shaped pillow, then this is the choice for you


Our modern lifestyle can involve sitting in bed actively using smartphones, tablets and computers, which can have an impact on our body. This ever-increasing activity means we need to change our focus and choose suitable pillows to help protect our bodies and help us sleep better. Like pillows with natural fillings, fibre-filled pillows come in a wide variety of forms and with different levels of quality and comfort. This is because not everyone likes the same kind of pillow – a preference that all the best hotels are now catering for, with some now offering a pillow menu to choose from. Whether you like a firm fill or a snowflake-soft experience, at JYSK we’ve got a pillow to suit. Like fiber duvets, pillows with fiber filling can be washed without losing their shape. Find out what is the best temperature to wash at on the product information for each different pillow.

If you’re sensitive to dust and fibres, our anti-allergy pillows are a must-have and if you prefer a quirky v-shaped pillow to support head and neck in a more structured way, we have v pillows too. Give some thought to how you sleep and whether you manage better with a low or high head position. Team with a beautiful pillowcase, then give our pillows a try in store.