Provide your baby with the right pillow for a good night's sleep

It’s every bit as important to take the time to find the right pillow for your baby or toddler as it is for you. Like adults, children get the best sleep when they are comfortable, safe and well supported. The type and size of the pillow will depend largely on the age of your child but at JYSK, we have a selection of baby pillows and kid pillows to suit different developmental levels. We stock pillows with natural down and feather filling or synthetic fibre filling, as well as some made of memory foam such as our WELLPUR brand. You’ll also find cot bed duvets and pillows for your baby with a range of fillings.

All of JYSK’s toddler and baby pillows are machine washable and conform to strict international health and environmental standards. Team with a baby or toddler duvet and duvet covers to complete the set.