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Office with a wooden wall shelf for smart storage and décor

Restyle your home office on a budget

Is it time to upgrade your home office? Within this blog post, you will find inspiration to create a workspace that is both neat and presentable. A few shelves, boxes and baskets are great practical items and if you add some plants, decorative items and perhaps a lambskin you can create that extra cosy feeling.

Practical home office storage solutions

Your home office storage solutions don’t have to be boring. The small storage bucket AKITA is a practical way of organizing wrapping paper and other odd-shaped items. You can also use it as a recycle bin and put on the lid if you want an extra clean look for your home office.

Storage bucket with lid and a trolley with wheels

Use a decorative storage jar such as TOMAS in green stoneware to keep paper clips and other small items that otherwise end up spread across the desk (or the floor).

Tip: If you always want certain items handy, keep them in a trolley with wheels so you can easily move it around with you.

Asymmetrical bookcase with wicker storage boxes

A bookcase is indispensable for both your books, your hobby gear and your decorative knick-knack. The asymmetrical bookcase TRAPPEDAL comes in two sizes and has an interesting, dynamic look and room for both books, knitting and souvenirs.  

Tip: Arranging your items in straight lines on the shelves ensures a tidy and well-organized look.

Personal décor on display

Glass tray with artificial plant and other décor

Collecting your knick-knack, decorative items and souvenirs on a small tray or in a box makes a world of difference. When you arrange your various personal favourites like this, they don’t necessarily have to match each other. As soon as you put them on a tray, they will automatically look like they belong together.

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What are your best tips for a neat and presentable office? Share them with us in the comments!

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