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Cosy garden setting with decorative lighting

Light up your summer nights

For many people, the garden or balcony is just another room in their home – one that happens to be outdoors. During spring and summer, we all spend a lot of time outdoors when the weather permits and that makes us want to create an inviting and cozy outdoor space.

An easy way to create a cosy space is playing with different elements of lighting. Just think about how the level of light affects the mood and atmosphere in your living room. The same goes for your garden.  

Garden lanterns and solar lamps on patio

Outdoor solar lights, garden lanterns, outdoor string lights and battery driven lamps are some of the options you have when choosing decorative outdoor garden lights. Choose one or two types or mix all of them and create a magical atmosphere in your garden. 

Inspiring garden lighting ideas

Remember that a little light goes a long way in the dark. By using small decorative lights, you can create a powerful effect. Use outdoor lights to create a mood or atmosphere or use them to highlight the most attractive parts of your garden. This way darkness also becomes your friend because you draw attention away from the less charming aspects of your garden. 

Bring the indoor vibe outside

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor by using battery driven lights that can be placed on the table or on the ground. This way you make the nights last longer and set the stage for social gatherings filled with fun and laughter.

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Light up your garden parties

Create an intimate and magical dining space in your garden. Decorative lights are ideal for framing an area. Use the elements that are already on your patio. Put outdoor string lights in trees or on the pergola. The string lights will create a star-like effect that works beautifully with the night sky.  

Garden string lights hanging in green tree

Place beautiful garden lanterns on your patio and create a vibrant and warm vibe with soft flickering candles. Small lanterns are perfect as decoration on the dinner table. This way you can enjoy a candlelight dinner in fresh air. 

Hang garden lanterns in the trees to maximize the cosy atmosphere. 

Practical and beautiful outdoor solar lights

Solar lights are both practical and beautiful. In our assortment, we have many different types of outdoor solar lights, which you can combine in an endless array of arrangements. Use spike solar lights to light up the aspects of your garden that you want to accentuate. 

They are very easy to use - just push them in the ground and point them towards what you want to illuminate. Very powerful and at the same time very easy. 

Another great tip is to place outdoor solar lights in the outer corners of your garden. This way your garden seems bigger in the dark because the eye is drawn to the outer corners. Another advantage is that the subtle lights give your garden a glamorous look.

Looks great even in daylight

The effect of decorative lights are at its fullest at night but the modern garden lanterns and lights also look very chic during the day. Hanging lanterns in general ties a garden space together. They add that little bit of extra style that will make your patio or balcony seem stylish and carefully planned.  

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