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Girl jumping and having fun on a trampoline

Have endless summer fun with a garden trampoline

Do you or your kids love to be active? Or worse: Do the kids most of all want to stay inside even during nice summer weather, watching Netflix or gaming?

A garden trampoline could be the solution. It is close to impossible not to have fun on it, and there are a lot of different trampoline games that you can play (be careful though – the trampoline manufacturers generally don’t recommend more than one person using the trampoline at the time).

Read more about trampoline safety.

Some of our best trampolines are members of the STARE series. They can carry up to 165 kilos, and have extra-long springs with relieving effects. The long springs enhances the jumping experience and lets you jump higher.

The STARE series has taken safety to a new level with the overlapping exit net. There is no zipper so it is fast and easy to enter or exit the trampoline, but still very safe as the entrance is self-closing.

The STARE trampoline frame is galvanized, powder coated steel that gives the trampoline a longer endurance and less risk of rusting. It  ensures that the trampoline looks good for a long time. On top of this, the curved safety net makes the trampoline look really cool (and this construction extra strong).

Fun trampoline games

Get yourself and the kids out in the fresh air and enjoy some trampoline fun: Play a game of “telephone” where the participants sit as far from the trampoline centre as possible. One person goes to the centre and performs a “trick” like for instance a spin. The next person then performs the first trick, and adds a trick of their own. The third person imitates the first and the second trick, and adds a trick of their own and so on. After a while it is quite challenging to remember the sequence correctly and the first person to break the chain is subsequently “out”. The game continues with the remaining participants until only one person is left - the winner.

Adding a ball makes a lot of things funnier, and this also goes for trampoline games. A quick game of popcorn where you have to keep a ball bouncing without touching is a great way of getting active. The person who lasts the longest is the winner.

Have fun on the trampoline!

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