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Black and wooden garden table and 4 garden chairs on patio

Guide: How to choose the right garden table

At the heart of many recreational outdoor spaces, from gardens to patios and balconies in our homes, is the garden table – a place where we gather with loved ones to enjoy meals, refreshing beverages, and each other’s company amidst nature and the outdoors. Whether you are fond of hosting lively family gatherings, intimate dinner parties, or simply unwinding with your favourite morning coffee, the garden table serves as a centrepiece that truly sets the stage for your outdoor enjoyment.

Buying not just a new garden table, but the perfect garden table for the needs of you and your family can be difficult to get right. With many options available to choose from, navigating through the decision process can seem overwhelming. However, fear not – in this guide, you will learn what you need to know about garden tables so you can be sure that you are choosing the right table for you. 

    How do you choose the right garden table? 

    When it comes to selecting the right garden table, the options are plentiful, with variations in shape, size, aesthetics, materials, and required maintenance level, among other factors. Each table offers different features and benefits, which highlights the importance of considering key aspects before making a purchase. In the following sections, you will learn more about these main considerations, empowering you to make the most informed decision possible. 

    As you can see in the images above, garden tables can vary widely. These are just some examples of the options you can choose between to get the perfect outdoor table for your home.

    1. The right size and lifestyle match 

    The first and perhaps most crucial aspect to consider is selecting a garden table of the appropriate size. You might ask yourself, “How do I choose the right size garden table?” From small bistro tables ideal for the cosy balcony to large extendable garden tables perfect for hosting large gatherings, there is a garden table to suit every need. However, to ensure your needs are met, it is essential to determine what those needs actually include.

    • Smaller or limited outdoor space
      If your outdoor space is on the smaller side and can only accommodate a small garden table, or if you simply prefer a smaller option, one of our many bistro tables is sure to be a great fit for you. You can also opt for a foldable table such as INDHOLT which can be secured to a balcony railing, providing a flexible solution that can be stowed away when not in use.
    • Ensure adequate space
      Before deciding on a garden table, make sure that there will be enough space around the table for you, your family, and your guests to properly move around it. You should also ensure that there is enough space for the chairs so those seated can easily get into or up from their seats.
    • Choose a table that suits your lifestyle
      Are you an occasional entertainer? Consider an extendable garden table like VATTRUP that can serve as an everyday garden table for you and your family while also accommodating a larger dinner party. Are you looking for a family-focused, hassle-free option? Consider getting a low-maintenance table so you do not have to regularly spend time on upkeep.
    Large garden table and chairs for 10 or 12 people on patio by the beach
    VATTRUPGarden table VATTRUP W95xL206/319 black
    €649 /each
    Lowest price 30 days: €649 /each (-38%)
    SKIVERecliner chair SKIVE black
    €199 /each
    Lowest price 30 days: €199 /each (-50%)

    2. Choosing the right shape

    A second important aspect to consider when choosing your garden table is its shape and the impact that the shape has on space and functionality. Whether you are leaning towards a square, rectangular, or round garden table, each shape offers its own set of advantages.

    • Square garden tables
      Square garden tables like bistro tables are great for balconies and cosy nooks. They are compact and convenient and can be set against the wall, saving valuable space in your outdoor area. Due to their smaller size, they are generally also lightweight and easy to move around.
    • Rectangular garden tables
      If you need room for many guests, a rectangular garden table is generally the one with the highest number of seats, and it is therefore great for accommodating a larger number of people. Some rectangular tables are extendable, giving you the option of seating even more people. 
    • Round garden tables
      A round garden table may be a great solution for smaller spaces, as it allows for more free movement around the table. With round tables, you generally also have the option of squeezing in an extra seat if you are in a pinch.
    Round garden table and chairs made with solid acacia
    BASTRUPGarden table BASTRUP D120 hardwood/white
    €329 /each
    Lowest price 30 days: €329 /each (-24%)
    BASTRUPStacking chair BASTRUP hardwood/white
    €129 /each
    Lowest price 30 days: €129 /each (-22%)
    Large garden table and chairs on patio by the beach
    SANDVEDGarden chair SANDVED black
    €59.99 /each
    Lowest price 30 days: €59.99 /each (-25%)

    3. Personal preferences for aesthetics

    Personal preference, particularly regarding the appearance and expression of a new garden table, plays a pivotal role in your decision-making process. Do you lean towards more traditional garden furniture made from traditional materials such as hardwood, or do you prefer a contemporary, minimalist vibe with modern materials like metals and fibre cement? Your new garden table should ideally blend in seamlessly with your existing garden furniture and the overall atmosphere of your outdoor area.

    Aesthetic choices can often intertwine with practical considerations, enhancing both the visual appeal and functionality of your outdoor space. For example, choosing a garden table with a square metal base instead of traditional legs not only introduces a sleek, lightweight look but also provides a stable foundation with more seating space at each end of the table. A large part of the aesthetic of a garden table is closely related to the materials it is made from which is explored further in the next section. 

    Garden tables and chairs can wary quite a lot in their expressions due to shape, style, and materials. The RADSTRUP bistro table is made with tempered glass and steel and the NABBEN chair from plastic, while the FEDDET garden table and EGELUND garden chairs are made entirely from solid eucalyptus wood. 

    4. What is the best material for a garden table? 

    Deciding on the right or best material for your garden table is a subjective matter without a definitive answer; it is entirely dependent on your needs and preferences. Your choice of material influences various factors, most notably aesthetics and the required maintenance level.

    For example, you might be drawn to the natural look of wood. Would you choose one of the popular hardwoods like eucalyptus, acacia, or teak, despite the regular upkeep that they may require? Or would you instead opt for artificial wood or composite wood for a maintenance-free option? The decision is up to you, taking into account both the aesthetic appeal and maintenance implications that your choice will decide.

    Each type of material has several benefits, and you can learn more about the materials of a specific garden table in its product information in our online store. If you are interested, our comprehensive guide to garden furniture materials provides much more information about the various materials commonly used in garden furniture, including garden tables.

    Synthetic rattan or poly rattan garden table and chairs
    GAMMELBYGarden chair GAMMELBY grey
    €149 /each
    Lowest price 30 days: €149 /each (-23%)

    Your material of choice for your garden furniture can make a large difference in both aesthetics and practicality. Are you more into a full garden set made with synthetic, maintenance-free rattan or perhaps a garden table with a fibre cement table top? 

    Deciding on a garden table

    With our extensive range of garden tables, there is a diverse array of options for you to choose from. By carefully considering the factors outlined in this guide, you will be well-equipped to make an informed decision and select the perfect garden table tailored to your specific needs and desires

    If there are some things you are uncertain of and would like more information about, or if you have any questions, you are of course always welcome to visit your local JYSK store for guidance. 

    Outdoor furniture sets with garden table and chairs  

    The majority of our garden dining furniture is also available in outdoor dining sets that include a garden dining table and 4 garden chairs where the table and chair match each other perfectly. These sets are available at a lower, more affordable price compared to if you were to purchase each piece of furniture separately, and you can therefore be sure that you are getting great value for your money.

    Check out selected garden table sets below or explore our full garden table assortment

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