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Living room with decor in Halloween and autumn colours

Dress your home for Halloween celebration

Halloween is just around the corner. While this is an event that has been celebrated in North America with Halloween parties and trick or treating since the 50’s, it has made its entrance to many European countries more recently. In Ireland we realise that celebrating Halloween is a great excuse for seeing friends and family, for retreating to our indoor hideouts, lighting candles and treating ourselves with some quality time. Light up a tealight in the tealight holder JOEL and combine with the string light ROLAND to create a warm, cosy atmosphere.

Halloween decorations that last all through the autumn

Halloween is celebrated on 31st October and you don’t have to go crazy with fake spider webs in the doorway or other spooky types of décor. Instead, dress your home for Halloween hygge. The Halloween colour palette ranges from yellow and orange to burnt red – colours that are very “autumn like” in themselves and appear in September and October’s falling leaves. Luckily these colours are able to spread a warm and welcoming atmosphere and lots of hygge. Get out the cosy throws the coffee mugs and get comfy with a book so good you won't be able to put it down or the latest edition of your favourite magazine.

Little sparks of yellow or a touch of orange can light up the room, so if you don’t want to redo your entire décor, a lot less will do nicely. The yellow flower pot AXEL or the side table CUT OUT in burnt red are fresh additions to your existing décor.

Don’t forget to extend the hygge to the outside with lanterns and light strings in the trees.


Traditional Halloween activities are:

  • Halloween parties where the guests dress up as ghosts, wizards, mummies or similar
  • trick-or-treating where children go from door to door, dressed in scary costumes, asking for candy
  • carving pumpkins into lanterns by cutting off the top to form a lid. The inside flesh of the pumpkin is scooped out and a scary or funny or face is carved out of the remaining shell. When a tealight is placed inside the pumpkin and the lid is on, the lantern is finished.

Find more ideas for autumn activities for the kids 

Do you have any Halloween traditions that give you that "hygge” feeling? Let us know in the comments.


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