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Tent and sleeping child inside a tent

Camping staycation in the garden

These days it is difficult to say if we are able to go anywhere on vacation. But if you like camping, you don’t really need to go anywhere – as long as you have a garden or you can borrow one. Even if your camping trip takes place in the backyard, your kids will surely love an outdoor adventure: Being tucked in in a warm sleeping bag, reading by a flash light, having breakfast on a picnic blanket. You just need a few essentials like an air mattress and a pump and you are set for an easy backyard camping trip.

Must have outdoor gear

Even if you don’t set up the tent in rainy weather, it is still a good idea to find a tent that is water repellent with waterproof taped seams.

Next, you want to make sure that you can all get a good night’s sleep. If you are staying in the garden or if you are close to home, you can bring your duvet, but if you want to get the full camping experience, a warm sleeping bag is indispensable. Or maybe you can make do with a nice throw – a sleeping bag can be too warm in the morning, if the rays of the sun hit the tent. Also make sure that you can all be comfy with an air mattress or a roll mat.

Make outdoor times good times

With a fire pit, dinner is easy: Bring some sausages, some dough for a bonfire bread and a couple of long sticks and voila: Dinner is served. Lanterns, solar lamps, battery lamps contribute to a lovely atmosphere and everyone is sure to have a good time.

Breakfast on a picnic blanket in the morning sun sounds amazing and is easy to prepare for. Even if the kitchen or dining room is only a few minutes away, pack a bag with all you need for a rustic breakfast.

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Have fun on your backyard camping adventure!


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