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Round mirror on green wall and small table lamp and candlestick

10 ways to brighten a dark room

Our homes are a place to relax and recharge. In the Winter time, we spend more time at home, and therefore it should feel comforting and cosy.

A dark house or apartment can bring your mood down very easily and can even make you feel tired and lazy. We have gathered 10 tips to help brighten up your home.

1. As much natural light as possible

To brighten up your dark room you need lots of light. The best light is the natural light you get through a window. To make that possible choose light curtains or transparent blinds instead of heavy curtains or dark blinds.

2. Utilise mirrors to reflect light

Place a nice full body mirror across from a window. Not only does this create an illusion of a bigger room. It also reflects light from the window.

3. Light coloured walls and ceiling

Dark colours make a room seem smaller because they do not reflect the light. Choose a light colour such as white to reflect the little light you have and widen up your room upwards. If white is not the colour for you, you can choose any other light colour for example pastel shades to create a warmer atmosphere.

4. Few and light-coloured furniture

Only have the furniture you actually need and uses. Too much furniture will swallow too much of the light so don't overcrowd our home with unnecessary furniture. Also, choose minimalistic furniture in lighter colours instead of solid wood furniture to create space for light between the furniture and the floor.

5. Use warm colours to create a cosy vibe

Not only is it important to get the most out of the little light you have, but you also want to create a cosy atmosphere. To create this, choose not just plain white but also warmer colours such as pastels.

6. Small decorative elements in dark colours

Use dark and striking colours in smaller decorative items such as pillows, throws or images. Not only does it increase the level of cosines, but they also help to let the lighter colours shine even brighter.

Don’t overdo it with the number of dark decorations. As with the furniture, too much decoration can swallow the light.

7. Light coloured floors and rugs

As with the ceiling and walls, dark colours on the floor swallow the light you want to preserve. Choose a bright colour for your floor. If you do not want to change the entire floor, choose a big and light-coloured rug. A bonus is that this will also increase the level of cosines.

8. Have multiple sources of light

Multiple sources of light such as string lights, candles, table lamps, and floor lamps accentuate the room and make the room seem larger and wider. They also minimize large and harsh shadows from the ceiling light.

9. Keep the house as tidy as possible

A messy and cluttered home quickly becomes overwhelming and not welcoming. Read our tips to keep your rooms tidy.

10. Place an eyecatcher in each room

By placing an eye-catching lamp or piece of furniture in each room you create an optical distraction for your small and darker rooms. A big painting, a nice armchair or an elegant ceiling lamp will catch the eye and no one will notice the missing light.

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