Natural filling duvets

With a duvet made of a natural filling, you get high quality. Natural filling usually consists of down or feathers. Duvets with natural filling are available as both summer duvets, winter duvets and year-round duvets. The filling has the best insulation from nature, while the natural filling is light and breathable. You can choose a single natural duvet or double duvet from our selection.

    Duvets - Natural Filling

    Duvet 10.5 Tog HIMMELTINDEN warm DBL
    €169 /each
    Save 50%
    Duvet 10.5 Tog GALDEBERGET warm DBL
    €219 /each
    Save 38%
    Duvet 10.5 Tog FALKETIND warm DBL
    €249 /each
    Save 40%
    Only online
    Duvet 13.5 Tog KR BEITO extra warm DBL
    €469 /each
    Save 50%
    Duvet 10 Tog Høie TRYM warm DBL
    €449 /each
    Save 44%
    Only online

    Pick from a range of feather duvets and duck and goose down duvets

    For those who appreciate quality, duvets with natural fillings like duck down and goose down are the gold standard of bedding.

    In many Scandinavian countries, where staying warm during the long, cold winters is essential, there’s simply no substitute for the luxurious insulation provided by a goose down duvet or duck down quilt. Our carefully chosen selection combines quality with value, offering an affordable way to enjoy the enduring comfort of a natural filling. Tog ratings range from a summery 4.5 for a duck feather duvet, to a super-snug 13.5 for sumptuous down - but if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, why not try our all-season twin pack?

    Choose your preferred size – single, double or king – and filling, either online or in-store and you’ll be on your way to a blissful night’s sleep!