It can be difficult to find a wardrobe that can accommodate all your clothes and that at the same time fits into the interior design. There should often be room for shirts and dresses to hang on hangers, plus sweaters and socks to lie on a shelf or in a drawer. On this page you will find many flexible wardrobe solutions with removable shelves. JYSK has classic and minimalist wardrobes in different sizes, with drawers, narrow doors, wide doors and mirror doors. Some of our wardrobes also have sliding doors. This is especially an advantage if there is not so much floor space in the room, as sliding doors do not require space to be able to be opened. At JYSK, we also have various accessories for wardrobes, so you can insert an extra drawer insert or extra shelves. Whether you're a clothes hoarder or you like to keep your storage space minimalist, at JYSK there's choices for everyone. With our large selection of wardrobes ranging in size, colour and finish you're sure to find what you're looking for that's not only functional but also suits your style! 

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