Gaming chairs designed to provide the ultimate comfort and style

If you take your gaming seriously then you'll need a supportive gaming chair that allows you to sit comfortably whilst you immerse yourself into your favourite game consoles. PC, Xbox or PlayStation, whichever type of gamer you are, you'll need an ergonomic gaming chair for the endless hours of game time. Don't let a sore back or neck pain hinder your performance! Our range of affordable gamer chairs have been specifically designed to support your lumbar for those extended sessions so you can avoid neck and back pain and being slumped over. Not only are our gaming chairs designed for support, but they are also stylish. Choose from sleek black, racing green, electric blue and vivid orange designs. Shop online for home delivery or pick up one in any of our JYSK stores today.

Choosing the right gaming chair

The best gaming chairs and desks are adjustable so you can change their positions to fit the body type of the gamer. No two people are alike in terms of height, weight and build, and each person has individual preferences for seating positions. When it comes to children, it is even more important that the chair is adjustable, so it continues to be comfortable and provides the right support as they grow. The best gaming chair has a comfy seat that helps regulate body temperature. In addition, it has adjustable armrests, height and backrest so you can set it precisely to meet your needs. Our gaming furniture does not stop there, at JYSK you will also find smart computer desks and gaming tables with a cup holder, drawers, built-in LED lights and many other features.

The perfect fit for your gaming needs

  • Optimal Comfort and Support - Our gaming chairs are designed with ergonomics in mind, giving you the perfect balance of support and comfort so you can stay focused on your game. The adjustable lumbar and headrests ensure that you're always seated in comfort.
  • Unique Style - You want a chair that stands out from the rest, and JYSK's selection of gaming chairs are perfect for that. From bright colours to sleek designs, we have something to match your unique taste — without compromising on quality or price.
  • Lightweight Design - Our gaming chairs are lightweight yet durable, making them easy to move around as needed without sacrificing on stability or structural integrity. Plus, they're quick to assemble so you can get playing right away! 

Check out our popular illuminating gaming chair

The RANUM black gaming chair is every gamer’s dream – illuminating your console gaming setup with the massive LED turned to max brightness. RANUM is packed with cool light effects – but it is also created for the gamer who demands quality throughout their gaming equipment. With RANUM you can control our environment and match the colour of your setup. The gaming office chair has full-spectrum lighting that is controlled easily through the remote. Static armrests lack key components when it comes to ergonomic relief. Therefore, is RANUM gaming chair equipped with multi-axis moving armrests that can be adjusted forward, backwards and up and down. Also, with a soft top padding for that extra comfort.

How to correctly adjust a gaming chair

  • Set the recliner chair so your hips and knees are roughly at the same level. Make sure that your feet can reach the floor or that you have a footrest to support them. If your knees are too high compared to your hips, it may prevent blood flow. If they are too low, it can put a strain on your lower back. See what fits you and adjust accordingly.
  • When it comes to the angle of the backrest there is no one answer. You should try different positions until you feel comfortable. Start with a small tilt and modify the reclining angle until you reach what feels like a neutral spine position.
  • Set the armrests so your elbows are at a 90-degree angle when you use the computer's mouse or keyboard.