TV benches to elevate your entertainment zone

For most of us, the television has become the focal point or center of our living space – so give it the love it deserves with a TV unit! Transform your entertainment space into a haven of modern elegance with our exquisite Scandinavian design TV benches. Embrace the clean lines, natural materials, and minimalist aesthetic that are hallmarks of Scandinavian style. From sleek designs to functional storage solutions, our TV benches combine form and function seamlessly. Elevate your living room with a touch of Nordic charm and take advantage of our limited-time promotion to bring home the beauty of Scandinavian design at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking for a simple TV bench or one with extra storage space including drawers or shelves, we have just what you are looking for available online or in one of our stores throughout Ireland.

Looking for something modern, contemporary or traditional?

The TV stand, cabinet, entertainment unit or the thing that all of your living room furniture is pointing towards, whatever you call it - it's important! We spend a lot of our time watching television, winding down from work, catching up with the news in a morning so it's important that the furniture our TV sits on looks its best. We have so many designs to choose from depending on your home decor - looking for something modern, contemporary or traditional? We've got it! You'll find great inspo and ideas for furnishing your living space with beautiful design in our collection. 

Find a model to suit your preferred style

Elevate your entertainment experience with our cutting-edge TV benches designed to cater to every media need. Discover a world where style meets functionality, featuring innovative designs that incorporate storage doors, dedicated screens, and versatile shelving solutions. We offer TV cabinets in a wide range of colours and materials, which means you're sure to find a model that suits your preferred style and all at affordable prices. You can choose from a basic white or oak wood TV bench with visible shelves or a compact TV unit with drawers for storage. Browse contemporary designs in cool white, black and grey colours with seamless looking drawers and push-open door function. Or perhaps you'd prefer a metal framed minimalist looking TV stand - whatever you go for, allow your TV stand to fit in seamlessly to your living room interior. Why not pick a new sofa, armchairs and coffee table to complete the set.

Use your TV stand to create "Hygge"

A TV stand can be much more than just a bench for your televisions, old DVDs and remote controls. More and more people make do just with a tablet or a laptop, but even in those cases, a TV bench can be of great use in the living room. It doesn’t take up much space, yet it gives you a lot of surface space to decorate. Whether your TV console is a leftover from the time, when you had a TV, or if it still serves as an actual stand for your TV, there are plenty of opportunities when it comes to decorating it. It takes almost no effort to turn it into a modern TV stand, and you can probably do it with the interior that you already have at home.


When you have a relatively large surface to decorate, it is a good idea to imitate a skyline. Try to create the same silhouette with items of different heights and widths to create a varied, dynamic look.  Also make sure to create some depth, with some items in front and others in the background. Like in a real skyline, this will create a sense of life and attract the eye.


Among your decorative accessories, it can be an advantage to bring in some wilderness. The green colour and the organic shapes creates a dynamic and vibrant look. Today’s artificial plants are so lifelike that you can easily mix natural plants and flowers with artificial ones – just remember which to water.


Nothing adds “hygge” to a room like candles and indirect lighting. Again, be inspired by the look of a skyline and make sure to place your light sources at different levels to create a varied, dynamic look. Lean back and enjoy the intriguing play between light and shadow, maybe in combination with a crooked ornament like STEN.