JYSK Customer Promises - Definition

We offer quality for less  

  • You will always find great offers
  • You will find the most competitive prices in the market
  • You will experience a high level of competence and service to meet your needs
  • You will experience a clear connection between quality and price
  • You will experience favourable product guarantees
  • You will experience that our products are functional and built to last
We are trustworthy    
  • You can trust our market presence. We have been a highly successful retailer since 1979, and our global growth will ensure our future existence in the market
  • You can trust our great offers. When we communicate a great offer we ensure availability throughout the promotional period
  • You can trust our customer policies. They are favourable and offer extended guarantees
  • You can trust our employees. They are competent, helpful and available in clarifying your needs
  • You can trust our products and the accuracy of what we communicate about their content and quality
  • You can trust our commitment to products that bear ethical, social and environmental labels
We are experts in sleeping culture    
  • You will find a unique, broad and deep assortment of products. They are selected based upon our portfolio of strong brands and more than 30 years of experience
  • You will receive our favourable product guarantees, up to 25 years, emphasizing the quality and our extensive experience with the products
  • You will meet helpful and highly competent employees due to our continuous employee training
  • You will always have the opportunity to test our mattresses. You can test them in the store or at home – on some products, up to 100 nights
  • You will find our assortment quality graded and easy to understand
We are global with Scandinavian roots    
  • You will find a unique assortment with Scandinavian characteristics with regard to design and colour palette
  • You will experience high-levels of responsibility and proactivity. When there is a question, we will always have an answer or a solution for you
  • You will meet employees with a genuine interest in your needs
  • You will meet a team in the store that works to serve you efficiently
  • You will meet an open, honest and mutual respectful management style
We provide an easy shopping experience    
  • You will always find a local JYSK store close to you, with all the benefits of a global company
  • You will find our store layout straightforward to navigate, making it easy for you to find the products you need
  • You will always have the opportunity to take your purchase with you or you can choose home delivery
  • You will find our assortment and price structures easily understandable
  • You will find parking accessible at our JYSK stores