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Woman and man having a conversation about winter and summer duvets

Send your winter duvet on summer vacation

It's been several months since our last visit with the Lykke family from Esbjerg. Meanwhile, they have moved into a new house and the temperatures outside have increased. Both things have an effect on their sleep quality.

Few people think about changing the duvet according the season and the Lykke family is no different. “I remember that when I was a little girl, my parents changed my duvet in the summer time. The summer duvet wasn’t a real duvet though. And I have never done this in my own family, ” Louise, mother of 2 says.

Our sleep expert, Carsten replies: “It's a classic mistake that people don’t change the duvet according to the season. But think about this: You don’t wear a winter jacket or use snow tires during the summer, so why would you use a winter duvet?”

A summer duvet is a lovely duvet, just as you know it, but with less filling and therefore it is not nearly as warm as a winter duvet. Children also get warmer as the temperature rises outside, so it is important that the entire family change to summer duvets.

Your house insulation can affect your sleep

The Lykke family has moved into a new house, which is better insulated than their old one. Few people know that the house insulation has a great effect on their sleep. “We have noticed a clear difference in our bedroom,” Karsten, father in the house, says. “The new house is warmer, even if we sleep with open windows. On hot days, I have slept with just a sheet. But I miss the lovely feeling of my duvet,” he continues.

“You need new, light and cool duvets so you can get back your high sleep quality. We are going to send your winter duvets on summer vacation”, our sleep expert says.

How to store your winter duvet

After replacing your lovely warm winter duvet with a new, cool summer duvet, it is important that you store it properly.

It is a good idea to wash your duvet in an enzyme-free detergent before storing it. Most duvets can be washed at 60 degrees, but check the care label first. This will kill the dust mites and if the duvet has natural filling, you avoid destroying the natural, protective layer of grease on the down. That way, the down retain their shape and resilience and your duvet will feel like new.

After washing the duvet, it is important that you dry it in a machine along with some tumble dyers balls until the duvet is completely dry. It may take a few hours. When the duvet is dry, store it in the duvet bag that it came in you bought it.

Now you're ready to send your winter duvet on summer vacation.

For more information, see our maintenance guide for duvets and pillows.

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