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Child asleep and children’s room with bed with children’s duvet

Safety in children's duvets

The EU has high standards for products for babies and children in general and for duvets it is no different:  Baby and junior duvets are subject to strict regulation. At JYSK we are of course compliant, and our operations are always centered around ensuring safety. This means that: 

  • Our baby and junior duvets have no corner labels, loop labels, sharp edges, zippers, buttons, or other loose parts etc. that could possibly harm the child. 
  • Labels must be very short to prevent potential risks to the child's safety. 
  • Plastic- or rubber print is not allowed on the duvets.
  • There are strict demands for tread, sewing and seams. 
  • Added flame-retardants are not allowed.

We always recommend ensuring that the child’s face is uncovered and not to use the duvet in combination with a sleep bag or a blanket. The room temperature and the child's sleepwear should be considered as overheating can be dangerous for children. 

Baby and junior duvets have been developed with small children in mind. Baby duvets are recommended for cradles from 40x90 cm. Junior duvets are recommended for cots from 60x120 cm and for children from the age of 9 months and up. A long duvet for adults does not necessarily live up to the standards listed above, and it is too large for most children who have not yet started school. 

Children’s duvets have even more benefits. They are cool in the summertime and cosy in the winter, and they are lightweight, so the child doesn’t wake up from moving around. And of course, JYSK’s baby and junior duvets are both OEKO-TEX® certified and washable. 

You should always follow the care instructions on the label on the duvet. If the duvet should show any signs of damages, stop using it.

JYSK also offers truly appealing bed linen in different styles and colours. Discover our buyer’s favourites in our newest assortment or have a look at the entire range of bed linen for children’s duvets and pillows.   

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