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With the best travel pillow you arrive well rested | JYSK

Reach your destination well rested with WELLPUR orthopaedic pillows

JYSK’s ergonomic series of WELLPUR pillows has been updated. There is a number of new items with an updated design so anyone can find a comfortable pillow with a contemporary look. 

These ergonomic pillows are perfect for people seeking comfort and well-being. For many of us it has become increasingly important to take care of ourselves and the WELLPUR series can help us do it. 

The best travel pillow helps you sleep

On long car trips and flights it is easy to end up in in an awkward position when you want to get some shut-eye, but a WELLPUR orthopaedic pillow provides you with comfort that makes it easier to find the right position and fall asleep so you can arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. The pressure-relieving memory foam takes shape precisely after your body and reduces pressure on your muscles and joints. 

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We have expanded the WELLPUR series to include new pillows so there are now more shapes and a new colour on the cover to choose from. Pillows that are used often should have a cover, in this new range the cover is made with a grey fabric, which looks cleaner for a longer period of time than the traditional white fabric.

Both WELLPUR mattresses and pillows are certified with OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100, which is the world’s leading certification for textiles.

Since the launch in 2003, WELLPUR, which is sold exclusively in JYSK, has offered increased comfort with its pressure-releasing memory foam that takes shape precisely after the body and reduces pressure on muscles and joints.

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