If you're looking to update your outdoor dining furniture but need something low maintenance then you'll want to make yourself familiar with our artwood or poly wood garden furniture sets. The composite garden furniture is UV protected and designed to endure all weather. It not only has these great benefits but it also looks great! No matter your style or preference when it comes to garden furniture, you're sure to find something you love in our collection. Choose four person dining sets, including reclining chairs, high-back chairs and chairs with armrests. We've even got round artwood garden tables, square garden tables and rectangular garden tables. Start enjoying dining al fresco every year with an artwood garden dining set.


Artwood - or artificial wood, is a a moulded composite which mimics natural wood, combining wood’s natural beauty with UV-resistant durability. It won’t fade or rot and can easily be cleaned with soap and water – no oiling required. It's completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round - however we do recommend covering all outdoor furniture during the harsh winter months. If you're a low maintenance kind of person, then composite garden furniture is for you! 


Garden furniture should be comfortable to sit in, even for several hours at a time. The garden chair must ensure support for both your back and legs. The height of the garden furniture also plays a significant role and should be considered to ensure the best support for your body so that you can relax. For example, do the arms of the chair have a height that supports your forearm? You should spend plenty of time to try the furniture before purchasing, so that you get a real sense of comfort, both in the short and longer term.

Is your furniture fit for the purpose you have in mind for it? It's convenient to have furniture that can be stacked or folded so that is uses as little space as possible. Additionally, it may be practical to check whether the garden chairs can be pushed under the garden table, therefore providing you with more space when not in use.

Maintenance requirements
Maintenance-free garden furniture is ideal, therefore consider the material when you buy your garden furniture. There can be large differences in the amount of maintenance each material requires.