Roll mats for extra comfort

Sleeping on the ground doesn't always result in a great night's sleep when you're camping. But with a sleeping mat from JYSK, you can enter the land of nod much quicker. Choose from camping mattress pads and self-inflating roll mats. Often, the best camping trips are those that don’t involve a lot of unnecessary equipment – just a tent, a sleeping bag, an air bed and a stunning location. When you go camping, it can be hard to get a good night's sleep when you are sleeping on uneven and stony ground. With JYSK, we offer a range of quality sleeping mats available to help you add more comfort to your camping experience. Choose from different foam thickness roll mats or self-inflatable mats. They are perfect for camping, festivals or when you have overnight guests. Roll mats are great to use for yoga or exercise. The advantage of sleeping mats is that they are easy to roll up, do not weigh much and can be attached to your backpack with the handle that is included on them.




4 products
    4 products

    All you need for the ultimate camping experience

    If you’re planning to spend more than a few nights outdoors this year, you’ll want to put comfort at the top of your wish list. A self-inflating camping mattress pad is a better bet for longer trips as it offers a much higher level of comfort and will insulate you effectively from the cold ground.

    No need for an air pump, just open the valve and allow the pockets in the sleeping mat to fill with air.  You can also use a versatile roll mat that will double as a yoga or exercise mat when you’re not on your travels. It will offer a little protection from uneven or stony surfaces and give your back some respite. When you’re ready to pack up, roll the mat tightly to compress the pockets. Check out our full range of affordable camping essentials online or in-store at prices you will love.