Daylight vertical blinds for a light and airy room

Our daylight vertical blinds offer a sheerer material compared to blackout vertical blinds, effectively blocking harsh sunlight while allowing natural daylight to illuminate the room. This balance ensures privacy without sacrificing brightness, ideal for communal areas like the living room, kitchen, or dining room. Additionally, they're perfect for bedrooms if you prefer waking up to gentle daylight. Consider layering them with a pair of voile or sheer curtains for a stylish finish. Explore our range at JYSK for versatile shades that optimise natural light while providing privacy and style.

How to clean vertical blinds

Cleaning vertical blinds in three easy steps: 

  1. Take a microfibre cloth starting at the top and run them vertically down each slat to remove any lose dirt or dust. 
  2. Using a vacuum cleaner, either handheld or with an attachment nozzle with brush bristles, run this along the slats to get rid of stubborn dirt, again start at the top of the slats and work your way down. 
  3. Use a mild cleaning detergent and warm water with a clean microfibre cloth to wipe down the vertical blinds. Make sure that you squeeze the cloth out so that the slats don't get too wet, rinse the cloth after wiping each slat and remember to change the water should it get dirty. It's also important to make sure the water it not too hot as to damage the blind material. A handy tip is to place a towel underneath the blind so that your carpet or flooring doesn't get wet.