Beautiful voile curtains for every home

You'll probably recognise voile curtains from the romantic movie scenes, a boutique hotel, the sun is setting, the doors and windows open, and the drapes float delicately in the breeze. Sounds dreamy! So why not recreate this vibe for your own home? The thin, semi-transparent material helps to maintain privacy in your home whilst still allowing sunlight to stream through your windowpanes and illuminate the room. The lightweight fabric and white colour tones are the perfect combinations for complementing any home decor and style. Our range of voiles are available as eyelet curtains and pole pockets that easily slide across your curtain pole. Discover our collection below and find a great offer.

8 products
    8 products

    How to use voile curtains

    Voile curtains are suitable for any window in the home. They are great during the day for keeping your privacy but still allowing daylight into your home, when evening comes it's best to team up voile curtains with a pair of heavy curtains or blackout curtains in the rooms where you need to block out the light for sleeping.

    Curtain colours and patterns

    Our range of voile curtains come in neutral colours to complement most homes. With tones of white and light grey, you can really go to town on your wall colours and home accessories. Choose plain white or opt for one of our patterned curtains with either polka dot print or a floral design. 

    How to clean your curtains

    If there is a care label on your ready-made curtains you should of course follow it. Choose the recommended gentle cycle - typically a wool program with low spin. The water level must be high, as high water level protects the fabric. If you have large curtains, consider whether you would rather do two washes, instead of putting both curtains together in the same wash.

    If you are unsure whether the curtains can take a cycle in the washing machine, then you can of course wash your curtains by hand. Whether you wash your curtains by hand or machine, it's a good idea to hang them while they are still damp to avoid unnecessary folds while drying. Add newspapers or a towel under the curtains to collect excess water so you protect your floor.