String curtains to decorate your home

String curtains may have a retro vibe but they're definitely making a comeback! The cord design is ideal for creating a partition between your home and the outside world, yet still allowing for light and air to flow through the home. Introduce fringed curtains into your home, on your windows or as room dividers in doorways. You can easily mix and match our string curtains with other ready-made curtains for a gorgeous layered effect. Discover our range at JYSK below and find a great offer.

2 products
    2 products

    How and where to use string curtains

    String curtains serve two primary purposes in households. Firstly, they are commonly utilised along the top beam of door frames, where their cords create a subtle division, allowing light and air to filter through while providing some privacy within the room. This option strikes a balance, offering seclusion without entirely closing off the space from the rest of the home.

    Additionally, string curtains find popularity as window coverings. When hung in front of windows, they allow light to filter through while offering a partial view outside, serving as an alternative to sheer curtains. String curtains can also be layered with other ready-made curtains, such as positioning them behind full-length curtains, enabling homeowners to have complete control over light and privacy levels in their living spaces.

    How to clean string curtains

    From time to time your string curtains will need a bit of freshening up. But fear not, it's not as hard as you think to get all the strands clean. We'd recommend that you tie up your string curtains in several places along the curtain, this will prevent the strands from getting tangled. You can use string or any other household item that will keep the strands together. Next, you'll want to place your string curtain in a wash bag. This is an important step and one that you don't want to skip! Using a wash bag ensures that the curtain fringe doesn't get tangled with any other items you may be washing or get stuck in your washing machine. Set your washing machine on a delicate wash, once finished, hang your curtains in a warm, dry area to air dry.