If you're putting up your own blinds and curtains, then you're going to need the right curtain fittings and accessories. From curtain weights, to blind cutters, hooks, rods, chairs and much more, find all of your curtain and blind essentials at JYSK. You will also find spare parts for your curtains so they can last even longer. Whether you have chosen to go with ready-made fabric curtains, slatted blinds, blinds, pleated blinds or roller blinds, we have the right tools and accessories for you. Shop online or visit your nearest JYSK store.


Washing your curtains or blinds is actually not as difficult as you might think. However, as with all cleaning, it’s best to nip dust and grease in the bud. Although it may seem like a major task, washing curtains is no different from washing other delicate fabrics. But there is one major difference. It's far worse if your curtains shrink than if your T-shirt does. So it's worthwhile giving it a bit of thought, before you get stuck into washing your curtains. This applies to both hand washing and machine-washing. If you have chosen blinds for your home instead, you are probably aware that blinds are real dust magnets. Make a habit of vacuuming your blinds, and use the soft brush on the nozzle. Our blind cleaner KOSTER with micro cloths is a great accessory for dusting different sections of Venetian and vertical blinds. Taking care of your curtains and blinds will keep their appearance looking as good as new, and therefore save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Read our blog for simple and effective tips and tricks on how to wash and clean your window dressings.